How To Block Vehicle GPS Tracking?

Invest in a reliable GPS signal jammer that disrupts the connection between the tracking device and satellites to block vehicle GPS tracking.

In this digital age, protecting one’s privacy is a growing concern, which extends to vehicle GPS tracking. You may want to block GPS tracking for various reasons, such as to prevent unwanted surveillance or to safeguard your privacy. 

It’s essential to understand that there are two primary types of GPS trackers: active and passive. Active trackers transmit location data in real-time, while passive ones store the information for later retrieval. Regardless of the type, you can take a few steps to block vehicle GPS tracking.

Inspect your vehicle thoroughly to locate the tracker which is usually a small, box-like device. Common hiding spots include the underside, wheel wells, and glove compartment. 

Once you’ve located the tracker, consider using a GPS jamming device. These devices interfere with GPS signals, preventing trackers from sending or receiving data. However, be aware that jamming GPS signals is illegal in some jurisdictions, so ensure to comply with local laws.

Try using GPS blocking pouches. These pouches, also known as Faraday bags, are lined with a metallic material that blocks GPS signals. They’re legal and easy to use. Simply place the GPS tracker inside, and it will be unable to send or receive signals.

If you’re unable to locate the tracker or uncomfortable doing it yourself, hire a professional. They have the expertise and tools to effectively find and disable GPS tracking devices.

Your privacy is a right, and it’s essential to protect it. There are various methods to block GPS tracking, ranging from illegal jamming devices to legal signal blockers and GPS blocker bags. It is essential to research the legality of these methods in your area before using them.


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