Sam Reid
February 21, 2019

Customer Story: Cover Technologies + Workyard

Note: The following questions and answers are a summary of a phone interview done with Alexis Xavier Rivas, Co-Founder & CEO of Cover Technologies, Inc.

About Cover Technologies

Cover is a Los Angeles based company that uses technology to streamline the design and build process of accessory dwelling units (ADUs). Customers fill out a design profile and then an algorithm produces tailored blueprints. Including time for site survey and permitting, customers can get a Cover unit with exceptional design, functionality, and energy performance in as little as 5 months. Read about Cover in Fast Company.

Cover Technologies + Workyard

Cover needed to scale their production team quickly, so they turned to us to find them qualified workers in a short amount of time. Cover has unique needs as a prefab home builder, and they trusted us to find capable workers at rates that made sense for their business. Over the past 5 months, we’ve continued to serve as a staffing resource for Cover – providing them workers while also reducing HR burden.

Question and Answer with Cover’s Alexis Xavier Rivas

Why did your company decide to hire workers through Workyard?

We were looking for people to start quickly. We didn’t have time to vet them properly, so we turned to Workyard. It was a convenient way to spin up hiring quickly.

What type of workers have you hired through Workyard?

We have hired assemblers through Workyard who are able to follow detailed instructions and put together homes according to specification. We have also hired apprentice level tradesmen that can do more specialized carpentry or electrical work.

How long have you been using Workyard?

We’ve been using the service for about 5 months.

Workyard helps us to meet tight production timelines by providing us qualified workers in a timely manner.

What do you like most about Workyard? How has the service helped your company?

Workyard helps us to meet tight production timelines by providing us qualified workers in a timely manner. They have found us workers that can meet our unique business needs as a modular ADU builder.

What could we improve about the service? Is anything missing?

It would be nice to have software to more easily track workers' hours and the exact tasks they are working on during those hours. It would also be nice to approve their hours through a dashboard rather than asynchronously through email.

Does Workyard make your human resources operations for workers easier? How so?

We don’t have to worry about payroll, insurance, or HR onboarding paperwork. Additionally, Workyard has proven to be a talent pipeline for workers we can keep on long term.

How have the workers you hired through Workyard performed? Are you happy with them?

Many of the workers that Workyard has sent to us have been incredible to work with. They take pride in their craft and are professional — showing up on time and working hard.

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