Sam Reid
September 4, 2019

Customer Story: DevCo Building Enterprises

Note: The following questions and answers are a summary of a phone interview done with Mr. Devin Grimes, President of DevCo Building Enterprises LLC.

About DevCo Building Enterprises

DevCo is a Walnut Creek, CA based general contractor that specializes in residential and commercial renovations, remodeling, additions, seismic upgrades/soft story retrofitting. DevCo is included on the California Brace & Bolt program list of qualified contractors.

DevCo + Workyard

DevCo wanted to scale their workforce without having to spend valuable time on recruiting and HR admin. DevCo turned to Workyard to provide them with skilled carpenters and also take care of HR onboarding, insurance, and payroll processing. By increasing their workforce, DevCo has been able to take on more projects and grow their business.

Question and Answer with DevCo’s Devin Grimes

Why did your company decide to hire workers through Workyard?

I went with Workyard to reduce the amount of HR work I have to do to onboard new employees and run payroll. Workyard has effectively become the HR department of my company. Now that I’ve hired skilled labor through Workyard, I continue to do so because the level of skill is excellent.

What type(s) of worker(s) have you hired through Workyard?

I’ve hired apprentice and journeymen carpenters to work on a wide range of both residential and commercial projects including remodels, seismic upgrades, and new builds. Workyard has been able to provide me with carpenters that have a diverse skill set which is helpful for the type of projects my company does.

How long have you been using Workyard?

I’ve been using Workyard for almost a year now.

Overall, Workyard has surpassed my expectations of a staffing service, and you all have proven you can actually recruit craftsmen.

What do you like most about Workyard? How has the service helped your company?

Workyard has removed the headache of the hiring process from my plate, so I can spend time on other tasks like project estimating and meeting with customers. As I’ve been able to spend more time on the sales side of the business, it’s showing in the bottom line.

What could we improve about the service? Is anything missing?

I haven’t really thought much about what you could improve. I don’t know the inner workings of your business, but from my perspective as a customer, you’re doing a great job. When issues have arisen, you’ve dealt with them quickly and effectively.

How have the workers you hired through Workyard performed? Are you happy with them?

Yes, the workers you have sent me have performed well by and large. I consider myself demanding as far as worker quality goes, and Workyard has been able to send me quality people. Honestly, I’m impressed by the guys you sent me that are working for me now. They are helping me deliver a superior product to my customers. Overall, Workyard has surpassed my expectations of a staffing service, and you all have proven you can actually recruit craftsmen.

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