Maithili Mokashi
April 24, 2020

Workyard vs. Traditional Staffing Agencies

Utilizing third parties to solve specific labor needs

According to the survey for the NAHB/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index (December 2019), cost and availability of labor was at the top of the list of problems that builders faced in 2019 and expect to face again in 2020. Furthermore, according to The Wall Street Journal, fewer young people are choosing construction as their career. From 2005 to 2016, the percentage of construction workers aged 24 years and younger has dropped around 30% in 48 states.Prior to the coronavirus outbreak and resulting economic contraction creating widespread unemployment, the construction industry was facing a competitive hiring environment and a general shortage of qualified workers. While it remains to be seen how the construction labor market will play out, companies will continue to turn to third parties to help them find specialized talent.

How Workyard, the new kid on the block, stands up against the legacy players

In this article, we have gone over the service offerings of 6 traditional staffing agencies and outlined scenarios in which they might be a suitable solution to your recruiting needs. Featured staffing agencies:

  • Tradesmen International
  • PeopleReady
  • Aerotek
  • Trillium Staffing
  • Eastridge
  • CCS Construction Staffing

In contrast to the traditional recruiting firms, Workyard is a modern, tech-driven staffing and human resources company that makes growing and managing your workforce easy, regardless of your company’s size. At Workyard, we’ve proven our ability to source a wide variety of qualified talent with technology and scale and our unique approach drives positive hiring outcomes at an affordable rate.We maintain an existing network of reliable tradesmen and we’re continually adding to our talent pool. Whenever a client needs qualified workers for their crew, we tap into this network to find a suitable match. By using proprietary software and matching technology, we are able to drive internal efficiencies resulting in lower costs for our clients.


1. Tradesmen International

Tradesmen International has extensive staffing resources and can help you staff helpers, apprentices, journeymen, or foremen.Tradesmen International reaches out to potential new hires through traditional advertising. They have a screening process that comprises of one-on-one interviews, skill testing, and reference checks.If you need to access Tradesmen International's skilled tradesmen database, you can reach them via phone. After understanding your needs, their field representative will then work with their recruiters to select the workers that best match your requirements. You will then be informed about the specifics of that particular worker, such as the hourly wage that they are requesting. Tradesmen International can staff you with a skilled worker in as little as 24 hours. Further, they provide a four-hour guarantee on the workers that you hire through them. If you find that the workers you hire through Tradesmen International are subpar, the staffing company replaces that worker at no fees to you, as long as you notify them within the worker's first 4 hours on your construction site.Other notable offerings that set Tradesmen International apart from other agencies are:

  • Tradesmen International offers a 10-Hour OSHA Construction Industry Outreach Safety Training to their workers at no cost to clients
  • Their field representative physically visits your job site to make sure your workers are productive.
  • They motivate their workers with corporate incentives, worker appreciation events, awards, and more.

Workyard's clients come for the labor but stay for the technology.

Workyard vs. Tradesman International

While Tradesman International follows a more traditional approach, Workyard's methods are modern. Workyard's clients come for the labor but stay for the technology. We streamline the hiring experience by on-boarding you on our workforce management technology, which includes time and location tracking, automatic job costing and detailed job cost reports. While Tradesman International's representatives manually visit your job site, Workyard provides you the tools to make sure the workers we send you are productive. These tools empower you by allowing you to monitor your crew (including their GPS location) seamlessly, giving you higher transparency. Moreover, our technology also sees to it that you don't have to wait for your crew's productivity data to arrive from a third party. Our technology also helps us maintain low costs for our clients and allows them to know exactly what they are paying for. Workyard understands that 4 hours are not enough to gauge the performance of a worker. That is why we provide you with an 8-hour guarantee. If you are not completely happy with a worker you recruit through Workyard, we eat the cost of the worker’s wage for their first 8 hours. An additional critical difference between Tradesmen International and Workyard is that Tradesmen International focuses on supplementing a company's core workforce, whereas Workyard helps you make key hires for your core permanent workforce as well as temporary workers for influxes in project loads.

2. PeopleReady

PeopleReady has been employing new workers and providing staffing solutions to businesses for about 30 years. Their national teams offer their tailormade expert solutions to several industries, including construction, hospitality, manufacturing and logistics, marine, transportation, warehousing and distribution, waste and recycling, and many more. PeopleReady possesses a network of more than 600 branches all over the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Workyard vs. PeopleReady

PeopleReady is a large organization, having branches all over North America. They also focus on several industries, and construction is just one of them.PeopleReady is the right solution for your business if you are a larger organization needing several workers at a time, at sites all over North America, and across various industries. If you are a construction or a property maintenance company based in California or Texas, needing highly vetted and specialized workers, Workyard is an answer to your problem. Workyard thoroughly understands the workforce (pay rates, acute shortages of trades, etc) as well as businesses in California and Texas. This is what enables us to staff for your organization much more efficiently. Although Workyard is gradually expanding to other states, we are taking one step at a time, proceeding only after being thoroughly acquainted with the newly acquired markets. As we scale our business, we’re investing heavily in operational technology to keep costs low and ensure we keep crossing our t’s and dotting our i’s with our recruiting process. Again on the technology front, PeopleReady has an app called JobStack which connects workers with employment opportunities. Similarly, Workyard offers a job search app (iOS and Android) as well as SMS notifications. This app uses workers preferences to match them with job opportunities. All job opportunities broadcasted out to workers are fully vetted by the Workyard team to ensure accuracy and quality.

3. Aerotek

Aerotek is a high volume staffing company that serves 17 industries.Aerotek supports short-term, seasonal, large-volume, and niche contract needs. They also offer contract-to-hire workers for project-based support.Their industry-specific recruiters and account teams ensure that they locate, screen, and recruit only the most qualified candidates. They stay connected with their clients to make sure that the new hires are on par with their clients' expectations.

Workyard vs. Aerotek

Aerotek might be an appropriate solution for your staffing needs if you require a high volume of labor across multiple sectors.However, Workyard is well equipped to handle the requests of organizations of any size, small or large. Even if your need is as little as a single worker, Workyard will be there for you -- offering you rates that are accessible to small businesses. Workyard’s hiring process has strict quality control measures that are enforced by our modern hiring platform and utilized by all recruiters. Although Workyard is able to fill many roles in a matter of days, our number one focus is worker quality above everything else. It is for this very reason that residential contractors that need highly vetted workers for work in family homes trust Workyard; here are some examples.

4. Trillium Staffing

With over 80 offices throughout the country, Trillium specializes in temporary, contract, and permanent staffing for a wide range of positions, including seasonal workers, temporary staff, contract workers, skilled tradespeople, or full-time employees.Trillium's partnership with you starts with them gaining a thorough understanding of your needs. Using this knowledge, they design a custom recruiting and service process tailored to your specific requirements.The company makes sure they follow all federal, state, and local laws that govern the employment of their workers. Just like Workyard, the company keeps track of all the required employment documents, handles the payment of wages to their workers, processes payroll and taxes, and takes care of unemployment and workers' compensation insurance for their crew.Trillium follows a rigorous screening process, just like Workyard. They start by searching their sources for matching candidates. Then, they vigorously vet those candidates by conducting thorough interviews and background checks. In addition to this, as a final step, they also validate the shortlisted candidates for their expertise using their partner online testing service, Assess®.

Workyard vs. Trillium

Similar to Workyard, Trillium has a rigorous hiring process which is made evident by their employee screening tool. Quality is of the utmost importance to Workyard and it seems that Trillium agrees, at least according to the information about its hiring process on its website.Unlike Trillium, a company with a generic national focus on several industries, Workyard hyper focuses on and is thoroughly familiar with the construction and service industries of California and Texas. We also believe that powerful technology can streamline a construction business which is why we support our customers with an easy to use workforce management app.

5. Eastridge

Eastridge provides vertically integrated workforce solutions powered by Eastridge Cloud™ and the functional expertise of their experienced recruiters. Their staffing solutions are scalable, whether you need 1 or 500 workers. Furthermore, they can place talent and provide management solutions to companies in all 50 states. Eastridge's recruiters are experienced in sourcing and placing talent in specialized roles and industries that are known to have a low supply and a high demand.Eastridge states that their recruiters are functional subject matters, even though the company staffs for many industries.

Workyard vs. Eastridge

Eastridge places a heavy emphasis on quality guarantee. They offer a “End of first-day replacement guarantee for temporary employees” and “90-day replacement guarantee for direct hires”. Similarly, Workyard offers an 8 hour guarantee for all hires.Eastridge is widespread across diverse industries and states in the US and around the world. If you are a large corporation needing workers in various industries and skill sets, Eastridge might be a suitable staffing solution for your business.However, if you are a small or mid-sized business specializing in construction or property maintenance, Workyard might be an optimum and cost-effective solution to your needs. With our turn-key hiring process and easy-to-use workforce management technology, we make sure that our services are useful and affordable to businesses of all sizes. Eastridge does have workforce management technology to support their clients, but it is a horizontal solution rather than a vertically focused solution like Workyard Crew. Crew is designed specifically for the needs of the construction industry.

6. CCS Construction Staffing

CCS Construction Staffing is a construction temp agency based in Charlotte, NC. They have been providing reliable and qualified workers to the construction industry for over ten years. Currently, they serve 12 US states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. CCS Construction Staffing recruits across eight trades, including Carpenters, General Labor, Electricians, Fitters, HVAC/Sheet Metal Operators, Plumbers, Refrigeration Techs, and Welders.Other notable offerings of the company include:

  • A dedicated CCS representative
  • An 8-hour guarantee on manpower
  • 24/7 customer service
  • On-site OSHA instruction

Workyard vs. CCS Construction Staffing

CCS Construction Staffing is headquartered in Charlotte, NC, and they work with companies needing workers in 12 US states, most of which are located in the southeast part of the country. Similar to CCS Construction Staffing, Workyard chooses to laser-focus on staffing in specific regions.CCS has grown quickly since its inception in 2008. Similarly, Workyard has seen tremendous growth over the past few years, and we are handling the increased operational burden by investing heavily in technology to ensure we continue to provide the best experience for customers and workers. This technology investment includes a proprietary candidate sourcing and vetting platform and Workyard Crew - a workforce management app utilized by our clients to track employee time and location as well as create detailed job cost reports.

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