Maithili Mokashi
October 8, 2020

Workyard's Construction Staffing featured in the Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal recently published an article recognizing a select few niche startups that are thriving alongside brands such as LinkedIn and Indeed.Tomio Geron, writer and editor for the WSJ reported that the COVID-19 crisis will draw in more users towards niche career sites such as Workyard.Workyard and other vertically integrated companies provide a highly targeted service and vetting process compared to generic job sites, noted Geron. These startups are contributing towards USA's economic recovery by helping small businesses reopen after the lockdowns.

The coronavirus pandemic hit hardest on sectors that can not perform remotely, including construction. Unfortunately, many construction workers lost their jobs during this situation. "We have been extremely busy just helping people staff up their projects and get back to work as quickly as possible," said Nicolas De Bonis, CEO of Workyard.

Open positions in construction companies surged by 40% after the lockdown, and Workyard was able to meet the high demand by successfully staffing such businesses with a competent workforce.Along with businesses, Workyard also helped skilled construction workers - like electricians, carpenters and plumbers - find jobs quicker. "We saw a 40% rise in job applications after the lockdown caused by the pandemic", said Mr. De Bonis.

High tech construction staffing

Typically, small to medium businesses don't possess the capacity to devote to vetting candidates. Also, unlike the IT sector, construction businesses do not have the luxury to vet candidates for a month. However, Workyard can help them scale quicker by staffing them in as little as 5 days. Workyard's technology and recruiting process is tried and tested. The Workyard platform lets skilled workers create comprehensive profiles of their qualifications. After verifying their qualifications through a detailed background check, Workyard uses its proprietary algorithm to match companies with qualified tradesmen.If you want to learn more about how Workyard can help your business, contact us by clicking the button below, and you will get a call or an email from a dedicated account representative shortly.

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