10 Plumbing Bids in Sydney, NSW

$500-$10K Plumbing bid

Sydney, NSW

New Home

Starting soon

2 week project

Hi there looking for some sub contractors who willing to work on multiple jobs around Sydney, this is domestic construction plumbing work so experience is a must, rate will be $45-50 an hour.

$0-$500 Plumbing bid

Paddington, NSW

Home Renovation

Starting soon

1 day project

Hello, We require the following applied to 2x bathrooms in Paddington NSW: Addition of glass screens and doors to showers x2 Upgrading bathroom fittings x2

$0-$500 Plumbing bid

Coogee, NSW

High End Residential

Starting soon

2 day project

We have a few pc items missing from our order which we have had to wait weeks for. My plumber has completed fit out all But a few items but he is now not available to install them as he is overseas. I need someone to install these items which are- shower rail and mixer, bottle trap and one sink and mixer.

$0-$10K Plumbing bid

North Ryde, NSW


Starting soon

3 week project

Ongoing work carrying out Drainage, rough ins at schools

$400-$520 Plumbing bid

North Balgowlah, NSW

$15K-$20K Plumbing bid

Marsden Park, NSW

New Home

Starting soon

1 week project

Full House Plumbing based on the attached Docs

$1K-$8K Plumbing bid

Saint Clair, NSW