Construction GPS: How It Saves You Money

In this article, we cover how Construction GPS technology can be used to accurately track employee labor, bill reimbursable time, and reduce the amount of time spent on administration.
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Accurate Time Tracking Is So Much Easier With Workyard

The GPS tracking device industry is expected to grow to $3.38 billion by 2025. Construction GPS technology provides construction companies with automated tracking for employees, trucks, and equipment. And it’s more accessible than you might think; the most versatile GPS device in the world is already right in your pocket.

With the right gps time clock app, your company can track labor costs down to the minute—increasing productivity, improving reimbursables, and saving time on payroll. In this article, we’ll focus on how construction companies can reduce their costs with GPS technology.

Construction GPS Technology Use Cases

Now app-driven and accessible, GPS technology has been applied to a wide variety of construction site use cases. Some popular applications for GPS technology include equipment tracking, safety monitoring, site surveying, and employee tracking.

  1. Equipment Tracking: GPS technology is used to monitor the location of construction equipment, such as heavy machinery and trucks. Through GPS sensors, equipment inventory, security, and deployment can be automated.
  2. Safety Monitoring: GPS tracking on work trucks ensures that drivers are operating company vehicles safely. Across an entire fleet, supervisors are alerted to dangerous maneuvers, speeding, and vehicles showing up in unexpected locations.
  3. Site Surveying: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) use GPS technologies to survey construction sites. UAVs can report any safety, security, or maintenance issues based on GPS and GIS technologies. 
  4. Employee Location Tracking: GPS technology, such as Workyard, can be used to automatically track employee hours, easily deploy employees to nearby worksites, and ensure that employees are spending their time on task.

For small-to-mid-sized construction companies, employee location tracking is one of the most important use cases for GPS technology. Employee location tracking can vastly cut down on overtime, eliminate misreported hours, and make it easier to schedule and deploy workers.

Allied Restoration was able to reduce their administrative costs by thousands of dollars using Workyard’s next-gen GPS technology. Workyard was able to reduce payroll mistakes, eliminate unnecessary stress, and track costs on individual projects, saving Allied Restoration both time and money.

Save on Labor Costs With Construction GPS Technology

Labor costs are among the most substantial costs for any construction company. But up until recently, GPS technology was only used by large enterprises because GPS trackers weren’t cost-effective for small business owners.

Today, every employee you hire already has a GPS device—their smartphone. You just need the right software. Let’s examine four ways you can improve your labor costs with construction GPS technology.

➤ Accurately Track Employee Time With Construction GPS Tracking

Your GPS app can recognize when an employee arrives at the site and when they leave. When your employee takes breaks, they can log them with the push of a button. Their time is associated with each project based on their GPS coordinates. 

The app handles everything for you, and automated GPS time tracking will save you money in the process by:

  • Ensuring employees aren’t making expensive time reporting mistakes
  • Making it easier for employees to log their breaks
  • Assigning time to clients automatically

Your labor costs will go down significantly when you aren’t losing time because of incorrectly recorded numbers—and when you and your employees aren’t spending administrative time trying to track those numbers.

➤ Bill More Reimbursable Time to Clients

Through Workyard, you can easily bill out reimbursable time to clients—just print out a report and you’re done. When billing out time directly to clients, the most common issues are:

  • Inaccuracies in the logged hours
  • An inability to justify the hours logged
  • Excess time spent preparing client reports

When time is logged automatically through GPS tracking, you don’t need to go through and validate the hours spent on site. Your GPS tracking software will show the exact number of hours your workers spent on each task and project. 

And your clients can hardly argue with GPS tracking. Just print a detailed time card report, and you’re ready to go.

➤ Deploy Employees With Greater Efficiency

If a problem comes up with an ongoing job, GPS software will allow you to efficiently address the issue instead of waiting on old-fashioned responses from your crew. Pull up your GPS dashboard to see where your entire crew is and deploy them as needed—save time on commutes and easily transfer them from one site to another. 

When you’re working multiple locations, a lot of time can be wasted on travel—and that’s time you still have to pay your employees. Workyard has a built-in crew scheduling system to help you improve your deployment strategies.

➤ Reduce the Amount of Time You Spend on Payroll

How much time do you spend tracking employees down for timesheets? How many texts do you need to send before you get an employee’s hours? 

Payroll takes a lot of time. Even after you receive your timesheets, you need to double-check the numbers, add up payroll amounts, and cut checks for things like workers’ compensation and payroll taxes.

Workyard directly integrates with payroll solutions like QuickBooks. Your GPS-tracked timesheets are imported automatically into your payroll solution, and your payroll is calculated for you. Instead of wasting time calculating payroll, you can focus on finding new jobs.

Save on Construction Labor Costs With Workyard

Workyard is a complete GPS time clock app and job tracking solution. Through Workyard’s GPS technology, you can save on labor costs by: 

  • Automatically tracking employee time, overtime, and breaks
  • Notifying employees of changes to their schedules
  • Tracking reimbursements by client, project, and task
  • Integrating with payroll services for improved automation

Stop trying to do it all the hard way. Workyard can help you reduce the money you spend on labor and the time you spend managing your labor costs. 

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GPS Time Tracking Is So Much Easier With Workyard

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