Maithili Mokashi
May 19, 2020

Customer Story: Carl Brandt and Co.

Note: The following questions and answers are a summary of a phone interview done with Carl Brandt, owner of Carl Brandt and Co.

About Carl Brandt and Co.

Founded in 1986, Carl Brandt and Co. provides expert carpentry and home remodeling services to Cambria, Harmony, San Simeon, and the Central Coast regions of California.

The challenges they faced

Cambria being a rural neighborhood, construction businesses located there have always had a hard time finding skilled tradesmen who are willing to drive all that way. To add to that, as Cambria is a retirement community, it isn't home to a lot of working tradespeople. Carl was facing a similar challenge when he needed a carpenter for his business. As he spent most of his days working towards growing his business, it spared very little time for actually screening and interviewing workers. "Hiring craftsmen is different from hiring a back-office employee" Carl said. "You can only gauge their skillset from their resume to a certain degree. For example, what if a candidate's resume says that he knows everything? You can't gauge his true skills unless you have adequate experience in recruiting labor".

Carl found Workyard a year ago through social media and decided to give us a try. By taking the screening process and payroll off his hands, and even counseling him on how to set his payscale, Workyard was able to ease some of his burdens. Carl could now focus on what a construction business owner is meant to do- acquire more customers and grow his company.

The process of hiring through Workyard

According to Carl, the process of hiring through Workyard was painless. Everyone from Workyard's team was very personable and gave him the support he needed. "The recruiters are seasoned in the staffing process, and they know what to look for in a worker," said Carl. Carl has been a happy customer of Workyard ever since he hired his first carpenter through us. As his business grows steadily, Carl is planning to continue hiring more workers and running them through Workyard's payroll system.

Payroll processing

After staffing Carl's company with a skilled carpenter, Workyard continued to help the company further by handling the worker's payroll. Their bookkeeper could continue focusing on the big picture operations of the company rather than tedious day to day admin work.

Workyard Crew

Hasslefree recruiting and payroll aside, Carl's favorite part about Workyard is the Workyard Crew app. Sometimes, back-office employees and field workers have to go through counter productive arguments such as when a worker showed up to the job site, and what time they took a break. But Workyard Crew's live time tracking and geofencing features eliminate the need for such arguments. With Workyard Crew, Carl can be assured that his workers are working on the job site when they say they are.

What could we improve about Workyard? Is anything missing?

Workyard loves customer feedback so that we can keep offering you services and products that are better suited to your needs. "You do a pretty good job overall. There are a few glitches in payroll processing, and the presentation of the reports can be improved. However, they are only minor issues," said Carl. "The way the information is presented in the reports can be a little difficult to find for our bookkeeper. But overall, Workyard functions seamlessly in the background, making the bookkeeper's job easy".

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