Easier Than Ever To Tag Hours To Projects In Workyard

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Accurate Time Tracking Is So Much Easier With Workyard

    Holy 37,000 time cards! That’s the total number of time cards workers have created in Workyard so far in 2021. And all that usage has helped us find even more ways to improve Workyard for you.

    So what have we done for you lately (that’s a fair question, btw)? Check out the latest updates in Workyard below.

    What’s New This Month

    Projects On Workyard Can Now Be Archived

    Do you have hundreds of projects you’re managing in Workyard? We’ve got some good news! You can now archive projects that are no longer active for your team. 

    Archiving unused projects helps present a more relevant list to your team and makes it easier to find the ones they’re looking for. 

    When you archive a project, all of the time and cost data associated will still be accessible within reports and time cards. And, if you need to reactivate a project, it’s as easy as clicking a button. 

    To archive any project, go to the ‘Manage Projects’ menu item and click on the archive project icon.

    To find archived projects to reactivate, click on the ‘Projects’ tab menu item to see the ‘Archived projects’ sub menu item, and click on the reactive icon on the projects table. 

    Search By Project & Worksite Names 

    Being able to archive your projects should make it easier for your team to find the projects they’re working on in the app. 

    Still, we decided to take it a step further to make sure your workers can quickly allocate their hours to projects. 

    Not only can team members search for a project by the worksite address when adding cost allocation to their time cards, but they can now search by the project’s name. 

    Turn Off Location Tracking By Employee 

    There’s a lot of value in tracking each employee’s location throughout the day accurately. Still, we also understand there are circumstances where you’ll want to be able to disable it for certain employees at your company. 

    Now, in addition to turning off location tracking for your entire organization, you have the flexibility to switch it off or on for specific members of your team.

    Spanish Translation on Android 

    ¿Hablas español? Many of your workers might. To make the most effortless time tracking app even easier, we’ve released an Android app that’s translated into Spanish. If any employee’s phone language is set to Spanish, we’ll automatically detect and translate the app.

    Live Camera Support For Notes On Android 

    Adding photos and receipts directly to time cards has helped many of you streamline expenses and stay up to date on project progress. Now, employees can use their camera on Android devices to quickly snap and upload photos to any time card notes. 

    What about iPhone, you might ask? You can do the same from any iOS device.

    What’s Next

    There’s more coming. Below is a sneak preview of Workyard features coming soon.

    Bulk Entry & Editing Of Time Cards

    We get it. Some of your employees don’t have smartphones, or maybe you prefer to create time cards on their behalf. 

    Additionally, you may want to quickly edit multiple time cards simultaneously instead of one by one.

    To help with this, we’re making it super quick and easy to create and edit time cards for your team. 

    • Instantly create time cards for a batch of team members in your crew either from the web or mobile phone.
    • Mass select time cards you would like to edit the start, finish or break time from our web app.
    • Quickly see who is currently clocked in or not and apply actions from our mobile app.

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    Accurate Time Tracking Is So Much Easier With Workyard

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