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Contractor Overhead and Profit: How To Make More With Less

In this article, we’ll lay down the foundation for what typical contractor overhead and profit should look like when running a business. We’ll also jump into how to calculate overhead and profit, how to know if your profit could be better, and how to increase earnings as a contractor.

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Time and a half pay

How To Calculate Time And A Half Pay (Examples Included)

When you own and manage a company keeping track of the payroll, and in particular tracking time and half pay can become a challenge. In this article, we help you understand what is time and a half, how to calculate it, and how to leverage tools that make tracking time and processing payroll a breeze.

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Job costing in QuickBooks for construction companies is made faster and easier through Workyard.

Job Costing In Quickbooks Online: A Contractors Guide

In this guide we’ll cover the basics of how job costing in Quickbooks Online works, then cover the basics of how to set it all up. Finally we’ll cover how to solve one of the most challenging parts of job costing which is how to track your hourly labor costs accurately whilst minimizing your manual admin burden.

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