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Download free punch list templates for contractors and new construction. Available in Word, PDF, Excel, and Google formats.
Punch List Template

Download and Customize Your Punch List Template

Punch list templates are great tools for ensuring all parts of a construction project are complete. Here, we’ve provided a variety of punch list templates that can be downloaded and customized. You’ll also find some helpful tips on how to best use punch lists.

Punch List Template

Punch List Template

This standard punch list template is perfect for streamlining the punch list creation process. Equipped with fields for filling out common punch list information, creating a custom, easy to follow punch list can be done with ease.

Download a digital version, or print and fill out. Available in Word, Google Docs, Excel, Google Sheets, and PDF.

New Construction Punch List Template

New Construction Punch List Template

New construction punch lists are used for outlining the final items to be completed or corrected for a new construction project. This template includes fields for filling out punch list item descriptions, item priorities, contractors responsible, and more.

Download your preferred version here. Available in Word, Google Docs, Excel, Google Sheets, and PDF.

Contractor Punch List Template

Contractor Punch List Template

This contractor punch list template is great for categorizing punch list items. This template can be used for general contractors who are responsible for working on various projects and tasks.

Choose from Word, Google Docs, Excel, Google Sheets, and PDF formats. Download your contractor punch list here.

Construction Punch List Template

Construction Punch List Template

This construction punch list template has everything you need for managing project completion. Here, project managers can fill in project details, assign tasks, set priorities and due dates, and more.

Download, customize, and begin using this free punch list template. Choose from Word, Google Docs, Excel, Google Sheets, and PDF formats.

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What is a punch list, and why is it important?

Punch lists are forms used to identify parts of a project that require additional work or to highlight issues that need correcting. These lists typically include space for recording task names and ID’s, the name of the employee assigned to the task, the priority of the task, the due date, and comments. 

Punch lists are important in construction as they help clients determine whether or not a project has been fully completed. As they are one of the final steps of the construction contract process, all items on a punch list must be addressed by the contractor before a project can be deemed complete.

When is a punch list created in a construction project?

Punch lists are most commonly created near the end of a construction project’s completion. Typically two weeks to a month before a project’s target compilation date, a project manager or other party will assess what tasks must be finished or improved. The punch list will then be given to the contractor responsible for making these changes or completing the work.

Punch lists may also be used throughout various construction phrases. For example, a building construction project may use punch lists when completing different steps such as site clearing, foundation setting, framing, etc.

By using punch lists near the end of a project or certain project milestones, project managers, architects, and other parties involved in managing construction projects can better assess completion and overall satisfaction with the work provided.

What information should be included in a punch list?

Depending on the nature of a construction project, project managers often choose to include different information on their punch lists. Additionally, punch list information will vary depending on the method used. Common methods include using spreadsheets or forms like the ones provided in this article, or digital punch lists.

For standard construction projects where spreadsheets or forms are used for punch lists, the following information should be included:

Project information: The project name, project number, address, and project manager(s).

Punch ID: The number associated with the task to be completed.

Item description and location: A detailed description of the work to be completed, and where it will be completed.

Party(s) responsible: The team or contractor responsible for completing the punch list item.

Priority: How urgent a task requires completion. Usually low, medium, or high.

Dates: The date of observation for the work to be improved or completed, the expected date of completion, and actual date of completion.

Status: Where a project currently stands, whether not started, in progress, or complete. 

For projects that use digital punch lists, much of the above information is also likely to be collected. However, unlike traditional punch lists, digital ones allow project managers and contractors to upload and view additional information.

For example, apps like Workyard who offer digital punch lists let employees upload photos and additional comments related to specific tasks. This lets project managers get a clearer idea of how much time they can expect a task to take, and which ones require additional attention.

Who is responsible for creating and managing the punch list?

The creation and management of punch lists typically involves more than one party. As the first part of the punch list creation process, an owner or head architect will often do a walkthrough of the job site to assess which parts of a project need to be corrected or completed. This information is then relayed to a project manager or general contractor who is responsible for overseeing the rest of the project’s completion.

Once they know which tasks require correction or completion, a project manager will then fill out the details of the punch list either manually or digitally. These punch lists are then distributed to the party(s) responsible for completing the work, where they will record their progress.

How do I prioritize items on a punch list?

Prioritizing items on a punch list helps contractors know which tasks require immediate attention. This is important because certain tasks may have higher priority for safety or legal reasons, which must be addressed before other less-urgent tasks.

There are several ways project managers can go about prioritizing punch list items. For starters, they may use the priority column of a punch list template by filling in the priority of each task. They might choose to color code different levels of priority so that employees can more easily see which tasks they should get started on first.

Alternatively, they may use digital punch lists with built-in priority features. This can help make the process of prioritizing items faster, as project managers can easily view previous punch sheets with similar items. Through platforms that offer digital punch lists, general contractors and managers can also go in and easily change priority levels as new tasks come in, or others are being completed.

How do I ensure that items on the punch list are completed in a timely manner?

Ensuring the completion of all punch lists items before their deadlines is essential. Failure to complete a punch list may lead to payment delays, a loss of future contracts, and more. 

While traditional punch list forms work great for certain projects, they can become difficult to manage, and may lead to delays in project completion. As these forms are usually distributed to employees individually, keeping track of the tasks each employee has completed can be a challenge. Furthermore, knowing which version of each punch list is the most up to date is a common problem with traditional punch lists.

To ensure all items are completed by their deadlines, digital punch lists are highly recommended. Digital punch lists give project managers total control over punch lists, allowing them to see task progress as soon as it is recorded. With this method, employees can log into the platform their employer provides and update the status of their tasks. Project managers can then go in and review these updates and approve changes or leave comments. Overall, this creates a more efficient punch list process, leading to less errors and delays with punch list completion.

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