Time Card Apps: Top Picks By Industry In 2022

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Accurate Time Tracking Is So Much Easier With Workyard

    In this article we review the best time card apps in 2022 and share our top recommendation for each industry to help you find the best option for your business.

    There are many different time card apps on the market and you might wonder what makes one better than the other. To answer this challenging question in detail we need to take a closer look at the various industries and how some of the top time card apps handle specific requirements of the organization.

    With so many options to choose from, it’s vital to know which time card app will serve your business the best, save you money and time and ensure legal compliance. 

    So, keep on reading to find the top picks for time card apps in 2022.

    What to Look Out for When Picking a Time Card App

    Time card apps come in many different shapes and sizes because there is no one solution that fits all industries. Some companies need good and precise GPS tracking while others rely on payroll integrations. 

    However, there are a few general features you need to consider before choosing the time tracking software for your company. Here are a couple of suggestions:


    Choosing the right time card app or time tracking app can make the world of difference and allow you to focus on business development instead of endless manual calculations of hours and sweating over legal compliance. But, because there are so many different industries with various needs and demands it’s crucial to pick the best time card app that suits your specific type of. I.e. The needs of a restaurant business can be very different from the needs of a Construction business!

    Time card apps that are focused on your industry will understand and match your needs better streamlining your time management, work tracking, and payroll.

    GPS Accuracy

    Unless your workers are strictly office-based a good time card app needs precise GPS tracking to ensure time cards collected are accurate. With the exact location of your workers, it’s easier to manage the sites, have a better overview of where the people are located, and track project progress with notifications of any inconsistencies. 

    GPS creates transparency and allows you to track job site visits, traveling time, and mileage. This feature can save you a lot of time and money, and enable the workers easy clocking in and out, with reminders built in.

    Some systems like Workyard use GPS to automatically flag inconsistencies for you and make it easier to follow the team on the map as well as track the actual hours worked.

    Easy to Adopt

    Speaking of easy clocking in and out, the next feature we need to focus on when looking for the top time tracking apps is a user-friendly interface. There are a lot of apps on the market that might look useful but in reality, show poor results because they are too complex to use. That’s why you need an app that requires zero training and that your workers can use on their phones with just a few clicks.

    Built-In Compliance

    Carefully designed and built time card apps have built-in compliance features that will remind your workers to clock in and out, take breaks and even calculate the overtime automatically. This can save you a lot of time and ensure you are following all the rules and regulations, especially in stringent states such as California. 

    You don’t need to worry about overtime wages, manual calculations, and tracking, as well as accidental law braking practices that are focused on mandatory breaks.

    Integration With Accounting and Payroll Software

    The data that time card apps collect is extremely important and valuable for further calculation of wages, hours worked, overtime compensations, and other work-related information. That is one of the reasons you need to find an app that has the option to be integrated with your accounting and payroll software, that will automatically do most of the paperwork for you.


    Top Picks By Industry








    The Best Time Card Apps In 2022


    Best for Construction & Field Services


    38 reviews


    65 reviews


    11 reviews

    Workyard offers the best and most complete time card app that is most useful for construction, contractors, home services, and property maintenance companies. Workyard time card app will help you create accurate construction timesheets, precisely monitor and track GPS, and easily integrate the data with accounting and payroll systems. The simple and clean design of the Workyard app will make it easier for all of your workers to adjust to the new system and use it regularly.

    Used by 1000’s general contractors, specialty contractors, field services, and property management companies

    High ROI – Typical payback period is under 60 days

    Thousands of dollars saved on payroll processing costs

    Precise GPS tracking

    With Workyard’s most accurate GPS time card app you will know the exact time your workers arrived and departed from the site, as well as their exact GPS location and mileage. The accurate location and GPS tracking will bring additional transparency and enable you to have the correct time card every time.

    Time tracking

    Precise and accurate time tracking allows you to monitor in real-time worked hours per employee and for every job or project. This feature will enable you to create improved schedules and see how much money you are spending on each project. On the other hand, this will help you calculate labor costs automatically based on the pay rates, overtime, breaks, and hours logged in.

    Job scheduling built-in

    To fully and easily organize all your teams on the field from the office use the job scheduling app that is built-in. This software helps you manage a lot of people and different assignments at the same time and optimizes communication. Your employees will know exactly what needs to be done with clear instructions, checklists, photos, and more.

    Easy to use

    It’s not enough for the time card app to look organized and useful, the employees need to use it with ease in order for the system to be fully operational. The Workyard app is very user-friendly and even the busiest employees need just a couple of clicks to log in and clock each time. There are also integrated reminders that work in conjunction with the GPS that remind the workers to clock in and take the mandatory breaks to make everything completely legal and in compliance with local and state laws.

    Integration with accounting and payroll systems

    Workyard easily integrates with accounting and payroll systems contractors typically use including Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, Leading Payroll Providers, Sage, Foundation, and more ERPs.

    With this integration, you can send all of the collected data for further processing and automatic file management which will save you time and money, as well as keep you in compliance with all the state and federal laws.

    Key Features


    • Free trial – 14 days of unlimited usage without credit card info
    • Time Tracking – $6/mo per user + $50/mo company base fee (paid annually)
    • Workforce Management – $13/mo per user + $50/mo company base fee (paid annually)
    • Large Workforces – Custom pricing for organizations with more than 50 employees



    Best for Healthcare


    1.3K reviews


    1.24K reviews


    4.2K reviews

    Clockify is one of the most optimal employee time tracking software, especially for medical staff and healthcare systems. The app works on any device connected to the internet and there are no additional installations needed. It’s designed to easily track hours, allow employees to use the Kiosk to clock in and out, and even send the collected data to payroll.

    With added features like GPS tracking for field workers and a shift scheduling app, you can stay on top of staff management and have everything covered from one place.

    The best customer support center with 24/7 coverage and great response time

    95% satisfaction score

    Highest uptime levels of up to 99,99%

    Clock In/Clock Out Made Easy

    The Clockify time card app makes it easy for the employees to clock in and out with just a couple of clicks. There is no need for additional setup, and the employees only need their unique PIN to log in and start the time tracking system. This way the healthcare workers can spend more time focused on patients and less time with paperwork and manual time-tracking systems.

    Healthcare shift scheduling app

    The Clockify app is so useful for healthcare staff organizations because there are added features with timesheet software such as the shift scheduling app. With a simple design and optimal overview, you can see who is available and if all the shifts are covered properly. You can prepare the shifts in advance and make changes with easy drag-and-drop actions that all of the employees can easily access and see.

    Export timesheets for payroll

    Once all the time cards are automatically or manually filled in and approved you can send the data to appropriate payroll services for further processing. This way you will save a lot of time and money, make the entire process run smoother, and ensure legal compliance.

    GPS tracking

    Even though healthcare medical staff is usually office-based it’s important to track the field workers and manage the hours as needed. That’s why the Clockify app has GPS tracking that works on any device and keeps track of your team on the field, as well as shows their location in case of emergencies.

    Key Features


    • Free unlimited plan with the option to upgrade for more features
    • Basic plan – $ 3.99 per user/month billed annually or $4.99 if billed monthly
    • Standard – $ 5.49 per user/month billed annually or $6.99 if billed monthly
    • Pro – $ 7.99 per user/month billed annually or $9.99 if billed monthly
    • Enterprise – $ 11.99 per user/month billed annually or $14.99 if billed monthly


    Best for Professional Services


    78 reviews


    699 reviews


    1.2K reviews

    Hubstaff is the number one time card tracking app to track client projects with options to track time for consultants. The app dashboard is easy to use and navigate you can log consulting hours as billable and non-billable hours for each client. It’s also a great solution for limited budgets and projects with automatic notifications and time management.

    Over 40,000 businesses have increased productivity and profit with Hubstaff

    Over 588K active users

    Great satisfaction scores and 4.58 out of 5 stars from 1,045 reviews (GetApp)

    Automated consultant timesheets

    Having automated consultant timesheets make it easy to streamline your consultant business. Before authorizing payments or invoicing, review labor hours on precise digital timesheets. Hubstaff provides weekly, daily, and monthly timesheet reports at any time.

    Pay and bill rates for consultants

    You can quickly pay your team and charge clients by entering distinct fees for each employee. This saves you time with payroll and customer billing. Members on the dashboard can have multiple responsibilities that can be altered at any time, as well as separate hourly rates for quick automated calculations.

    In-depth time reporting

    Hubstaff, as a great employee timesheet app for companies, provides excellent time reports that you can provide straight to your clients. This allows you to form new business relationships and strengthen old ones.

    Productivity features

    Employee monitoring tools that may be customized to allow you to view applications and URLs used as well as screenshots captured while tracking time. Along with information on long-term productivity patterns, you may monitor and improve team productivity while increasing revenue potential.

    Key Features


    • Free trial – 14 days of unlimited usage without credit card info
    • Desk Starter – $7 / user/mo
    • Desk Pro – $10 / user/mo
    • Enterprise Get a customized plan


    Best for Manufacturing and Warehouse


    91.9K reviews


    25.6K reviews


    5.7K reviews

    The Quickbooks time card app is specially developed to suit the needs of warehouse and manufacturing workers team management. It’s easy to use, and employees can punch in and out in a couple of clicks on any device with an internet connection. With added features such as photo capture and a unique PIN for each employee, you can avoid time thefts and buddy-punching in your company.

    Over a million users across 70,000+ companies

    20 seconds to clock in and start the work

    The time tracking feature is 4% rated above the average

    Easy and Secure Punch-In

    With the Quickbooks time card app, you can be sure the employees easily use the employee timesheet software and ensure fast clock in and out. In addition, with photo capture that is optional and a unique PIN punch-in, you can regulate time tracking and prevent theft. It’s perfect for manufacturing and warehouse employees and takes just a few seconds to complete.

    Integrations with different ERPs

    Quickbooks is a well-established business that has many partners and integrations with different EPRs making the payroll process a breeze. Employees may use the punch clock app to submit timesheets for payroll.

    Simple employee scheduling

    Create, modify, publish, and share staff schedules quickly and effortlessly from your computer or mobile device. QuickBooks Time can warn you when employees fail to clock in or out on time, as well as advise them of schedule changes and forthcoming shifts.

    Key Features


    • Free trial for 30 days
    • Elite – $40/mo + $10 per user per month
    • Premium – $20/mo + $8 per user per month


    Best for Technology & IT


    3 reviews


    152 reviews


    345 reviews

    The DeskTime time card app will help you create a better-performing team by closely monitoring all the actions during the day to improve productivity. It’s best for office-based companies, technology, and IT sectors that have multiple team members and projects that are time-sensitive. DeskTime offers amazing features that track hours, oversee work progress and help you run the office smoothly.

    Up to 30% productivity boost

    Award-winning solutions for small business employee monitoring

    Used by more than 18 000 companies worldwide

    Automatic time tracking

    Time tracking in different industries and with various employees can be a challenge, so DeskTime offers an automatic time tracking system. In addition, you can see what sites have been visited, what tools are used, and how the time was spent working to increase productivity and have a better insight into your team’s working habits.

    Third-party integrations

    From calendar applications that help you track offline time to project management software that makes project and task tracking precise while being straightforward, there is something for everyone. DeskTime can help you streamline every element of your workflow and integrates with Asana, Trello, Jira, Zapier, and other tools.

    Custom screenshots

    To maximize productivity and closely monitor even remote employees you can use the screenshot feature on the DeskTime app. This will allow you to take and store screenshots of the employee’s screens at random times and have a better overview of the time spent working.

    Key Features


    • Free trial – 14 days of unlimited usage without credit card info
    • Pro – $7 user/month
    • Premium – $10 user/month
    • Enterprise $20 user/month


    Best for Retail


    36.6K reviews


    867 reviews

    Homebase is a specialized time card app that can help you manage your team in busiest businesses such as retail. The app is customizable and adjusted to the needs of companies with a lot of employees, busy schedules, and high-turnover places. It’s user-friendly and easy to navigate with clean layouts, schedules, and payrolls. The app functions perfectly on almost all devices and has many different plans and features to suit your needs.

    Over 100K business owners use the Homebase app

    Best Employee Scheduling Software of 2021 (Investopedia)

    In the top 50 Business Apps on App Store

    Smart time clocks

    Clocking in and out, time and even location tracking is easy with the Homebase time card app. You can manage your office and long-distance teams, and on the other hand, the employees can clock in with their unique PIN in seconds. There are also various alerts and reminders included, that can help you track overtime, late workers and so much more.

    Hiring and onboarding

    Homebase is an extremely functional app for retail businesses that have a high turnover of employees. With the app you can make the entire process of posting the ad, sorting the applicants, and even onboarding new members a breeze. There are automatic documents you can send to new employees and create a welcome package in minutes.

    Easier payroll

    The payroll process can be fully automated with the instant conversion of timesheets into hours and wages. You can also send the appropriate amounts to your employees and pay the taxes to the state and IRS. There are even automatic processes for 1099s and W-2s employees to save you time and money.

    Optimized scheduling

    Cover all the shifts and make the best schedules so that all of your employees can see and get notified about any changes. This feature is great for the management of retail teams and ensures everyone knows when they are working and all shifts are properly covered.

    Key Features


    • Free trial – 14 days of unlimited usage without credit card info
    • ESSENTIALS – $24.95 / per month / per location
    • PLUS – $59.95 / per month / per location
    • ALL IN ONE – $99.95 / per month / per location


    Best for Hospitality & Leisure


    22.3K reviews


    53.5K reviews


    965 reviews

    When I Work time card app is one of the best choices for hospitality and leisure industries and businesses. It’s easy to set up and use, and the feedback from users shows significant improvement in decreased labor costs and money saved for overtime. The app is designed to cater to the needs of various companies and different teams, it offers great scheduling solutions and easy time tracking.

    The best ROI in 2020 (CROWD)

    More than 150,000 workplaces running on When I Work

    20% decrease in labor costs

    Simple time clock

    With the easy solutions When I Work provides you can track the time on virtually any device and monitor attendance, breaks, and time off with ease. Setting up the app and all of the employees takes just a few minutes and the time tracking is operational right away. It’s great for teams in various locations and easily integrates schedules across the app.

    Employee scheduling

    You can schedule your entire staff in just a couple of clicks, receive shift confirmations and ensure every shift is fully covered. The app allows you to publish and share the created schedules so your team can have a clear overview and with added labor tools you can manage your budget even better.

    Team and workplace communication

    The When I Work app is very focused on improved communication and you are able to reach all of your team members with a single broadcasting message. There are also secure chat options and one on one groups where you can talk to your employees. The notifications are instant and all of your team members will have the latest update on all work-related matters.

    Key Features


    • Free trial – 14 days of unlimited usage 
    • Standard – $2.50 / user
    • Advanced – $6.00 / user

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