Choosing A Time Clock App With GPS For Your Small Business

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A time clock app with GPS improves your payroll accuracy and reduces labor expenses. In this guide, we cover how to choose one for your small business.

Accurate Time Tracking Is So Much Easier With Workyard

    A time clock app with GPS improves your payroll accuracy and reduces labor expenses. In this guide, we cover how to choose one for your small business.

    What Is GPS-Based Time Clock: 5 Benefits for Your Business

    GPS-based time clocks use GPS technology to track and record employee time and attendance. This type of time clock is typically used by businesses, such as construction companies and contracting firms, that have employees who work on job sites and are constantly on the move.

    A GPS-based time clock may sound technologically advanced, but it’s actually as simple as leveraging what’s already in your pocket today—your smartphone. Today, GPS time clock apps can leverage the GPS chip already in your smartphone to create an affordable and easy-to-use tracking solution. Let’s take a look at some of the major benefits of using a GPS-based time clock.

    Example of a GPS time card captured with Workyard

    1. Increase the Accuracy of Your Time Tracking

    GPS-based time clocks accurately track employee clock-in and clock-out times and locations. Not only do you know when employees start and end your day, but you can view the exact amount of time they spent on each job site. 

    Time tracking isn’t just about knowing when your employees are on the job—it’s also about tracking which employees are at which sites, which sites require the most labor, and how long it takes for employees to travel from site to site. 

    With a GPS-based time clock app like Workyard, all that tracking is done for you automatically.

    2. Track Site-Based Employee Productivity

    Track employee productivity and manage your sites in real-time. GPS-based time clocks give you a bird’s eye view of where your employees are and how long they’ve been working. Analyze this information when you’re trying to track team or employee productivity—or when you’re trying to bid on new jobs. 

    The more information you have available, the more informed your business decisions will be. Tracking site-based employee productivity not only increases the accuracy of your bids but also gives you key insights into which teams are operating most effectively.

    3. Improve Your Client Services and Client Retention

    Always give your clients an accurate ETA. With a GPS-based time clock app, you can track your employee locations and estimated times of arrival. You always know where your employees are and can dispatch the closest ones available. And you will be able to produce accurate estimates at the beginning of a job and accurate billing at the end of a job.

    As a contractor, your word and your reputation are everything. GPS-based time clock apps give you the tools you need to provide the best experience to your clients. 

    4. Track Gas Mileage and Reimbursable Labor Expenses

    GPS-based time clock apps help you calculate travel time pay for hourly employees and gas mileage reimbursements. As long as your employees are clocked in, their site-to-site travel can be tracked.

    When billing clients out for travel expenses, this will increase the accuracy and consistency of your reimbursements. When managing travel expenses on your own, GPS mileage tracking will increase the accuracy of your expense reports. You no longer need to rely on your employees to produce accurate mileage reports—and you can accurately estimate mileage and travel costs in the future.

    Image of Workyard’s GPS time tracking feature
    Detailed trace of site visits & trips in Workyard

    5. Reduce Time Theft and Incorrectly Logged Hours

    Buddy punching is when one employee clocks in or out for another employee. This can be a major problem if not addressed—it’s time theft. With a GPS-based time clock, you can eliminate buddy punching because each employee must be physically present at the location in order to clock in or out. 

    Not all time theft is as obvious as buddy punching. Many employees incorrectly log their hours not intentionally, but because they forget when they reached or left a site. GPS-powered time clock solutions eliminate this problem by making the entire process of logging hours more accurate.

    Alternatives to GPS-Based Time Clock Apps

    Many contracting companies are still using paper-and-pen timesheets or even outdated, on-site time clocks. While these can function as roughly accurate methods of time tracking, they have some major flaws.

    • Pen-and-paper timesheets are only as accurate as an employee’s memory. Frequently, employees have no idea when they actually arrived on a site or when they left.
    • On-site time clocks are expensive and need to be installed at each site. Further, they don’t protect against buddy punching since one person can log another person in.
    • Time clock apps without GPS don’t record where the employee actually is. The employee can report their location as on-site even if they’re running late.

    GPS-powered time clocks resolve many of the traditional issues with time tracking technology so you can worry about other things.

    Take Advantage of GPS Time Clock Technology

    There are many benefits of using a GPS-based time clock for your business. The most important benefit is the increased accuracy in timekeeping. By using GPS to track employee location and time stamp when they clock in or out, you can be sure that your employees are working the hours they are supposed to be working. 

    GPS time-clock apps eliminate time theft and buddy punching and improve customer service and security in your business. If you are looking for a way to increase productivity and efficiency in your business, then a GPS-based time clock is worth considering.

    An example of how a GPS enabled time clock improves accuracy:

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