8 Best Preventive Maintenance Software Solutions In 2023

In this guide, we’ll list the 8 best preventive maintenance software solutions for 2023. Quickly filter by key features and business type to find the right option for you.

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Preventive maintenance software has become a must-have tool for small business owners in a variety of sectors who want to increase the lifespan of their assets and reduce downtime. 

With the growing demand for such software, there are now several solutions on the market, making it difficult for business owners to select the best one for their unique needs. We’ve created a list of 8 top preventative maintenance software solutions available in 2023 to help you streamline your maintenance plans and optimize your asset management. 

Whether you run a small manufacturing facility or a fleet management business, our list includes options to meet your specific needs.


Best scheduling and GPS tracking software for preventive maintenance


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89 reviews

Workyard is an excellent alternative for preventative maintenance software that gives businesses the tools they need to properly manage their maintenance operations. Workyard simplifies preventative maintenance management with its user-friendly interface, GPS tracking, real-time communication, and software integrations.

Workyard’s scheduling software allows you to create detailed schedules, assign tasks, and share checklists, notes, and photos in real-time. This way you can be sure that all communications are up to date and prevent costly rework mistakes. Considering the Workyard app is available for both iOS and Android users, your crews in the field will have access to everything they need on the go.

The Workyard app is powered by sophisticated GPS technology that will provide you with exact employee locations, arrival and departure times, and even mileage. With precise geofencing options and a live map view, you’ll always know where your workers and assets are.

Additionally, Workyard’s preventative maintenance scheduling software uses GPS technology to automatically track time and speed up payroll processing. Your employees will get notifications for every assignment and task added to their schedule, and additional reminders to clock in as soon as they reach a job site.

Workyard’s software also includes detailed reporting features and labor costs for every project that can help you improve forecasting and run more profitable projects in the future. With payroll and accounting integrations with all major software providers, you can be sure that even the most tedious calculations are done even faster.

Key Features

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  • Time Tracking – $6 per mo/user
  • Workforce Management – $13 per mo/user
  • Large Workforces – Custom

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Simple preventive maintenance software


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15 reviews

HippoCMMS is preventative maintenance software that helps businesses in minimizing reactive, on-demand maintenance while also lowering related costs and downtime. 

With configurable checklists on mobile, workers can stay organized and focused on what to look for during maintenance checks. Furthermore, organizations can extend the lives of their assets and reduce wear and tear by recognizing and fixing minor issues before they become major concerns. Organizations can use the software to plan maintenance work and associated products to arrive on time, lowering inventory carrying costs. HippoCMMS additionally helps in the scheduling of technicians with the necessary skill sets for certain jobs, ensuring that work is completed swiftly and effectively. Hippo Mobile, the software’s mobile app, also allows employees to access maintenance schedules and information while on the go. 

HippoCMMS collects and retains complete data on maintenance, repairs, and inspections, providing users with full asset histories. As a result, businesses can prevent unforeseen downtime, excessive repair costs, and unanticipated labor demands by establishing a preventative maintenance strategy using HippoCMMS.

Key Features

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  • Hippo Starter – $35 per user per month
  • Hippo Plus – $55 per user per month
  • Hippo Pro – $75 per user per month



Best cloud-based preventive maintenance software

FMX is a cloud-based preventive maintenance software that helps organizations avoid costly malfunctions and unexpected downtime by scheduling regular maintenance for their vehicles, equipment, and technology assets. 

To mention a few features, the software includes asset record storage, a scheduling calendar, inspection checklists, floorplan visualization, and automatic reporting. Businesses can use FMX to extend the life of their assets through regular maintenance and determine when it is financially advantageous to replace them. The software guarantees that nothing slips through the cracks by notifying users of future maintenance tasks and creating inspection checklists to ensure that critical procedures are not overlooked. It also keeps a record of all maintenance work to ensure compliance and avoid costly penalties or accidents. 

FMX preventive maintenance software also includes interactive mapping, IT scheduled tasks, labor monitoring, maintenance requests, supply requests, equipment maintenance, and purchase order management. Finally, the software intends to improve equipment uptime, lower overall maintenance costs, avoid production delays, eliminate safety and liability issues, and extend the lifespan of equipment and assets.

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  • Custom quotes



User-friendly preventive maintenance schedule software


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MAPCON CMMS is preventive maintenance software that is meant to monitor and organize maintenance operations on equipment, hence reducing unexpected downtime and repair costs.

Preventive maintenance features include cleaning, oil changes, inspections, lubrication, and part replacement. MAPCON also offers a mobile app for attaching images and checklists from the maintenance floor straight to preventive maintenance tasks. Preventive maintenance software helps in the reduction of operating expenses and the enhancement of productivity through improved work planning and scheduling to maximize crew efficiency. 

MAPCON CMMS also has reporting features, allowing users to generate a variety of reports to identify trends and indicate areas for improvement. To build a preventive maintenance plan using MAPCON CMMS, senior management and staff personnel who understand the operations of the company’s maintenance department must be included in the decision-making process.

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  • Custom



Best preventive maintenance management software

eMaint is preventive maintenance software that assists companies in transitioning from reactive maintenance to a more dependable maintenance approach. eMaint allows you to set up preventive activities for any asset, and an unlimited amount of calendar or meter-based preventive maintenance tasks.

All preventive maintenance tasks can include a thorough description, checklist, instructions, and any other necessary information. Furthermore, preventive maintenance tasks can be automatically created based on time or consumption. 

Preventive maintenance schedules can be streamlined to guarantee that all work is completed correctly and on time. A set schedule can be used to establish work orders ahead of time, whereas a floating schedule plans work orders depending on prior job completion. 

Considering that keeping up with inspections is an important part of preventing problems, eMaint is a great option for simplifying and streamlining inspection rounds, fast and effectively.

Key Features

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  • Team – $69 per user per month
  • Professional – $85 per user per month
  • Enterprise – Custom quote



Best preventive maintenance scheduling software for every industry


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Limble CMMS is a preventive maintenance software that is cloud-based and streamlines maintenance management operations. 

Limble CMMS simplifies preventive maintenance management by delivering sophisticated work order management technology that automates preventive maintenance scheduling and sends tasks to the appropriate technician for the right asset at the right moment. Limble makes it simple to develop an efficient preventive maintenance plan and asset hierarchy to maximize asset performance. 

Limble also allows you to track assets and their maintenance history, create barcodes for each asset, and determine maintenance costs. Furthermore, Limble’s maintenance management software collects key maintenance data automatically and visualizes it with configurable dashboards, removing the need for guesswork in maintenance operations.

Key Features