Track labor costs at a job level

Automated job costing powered by our site visit tracking technology. Drill into your labor costs by employee, customer, project and cost code.

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Key benefits

React quickly and confidently

Empower supervisors to monitor labor costs in real-time.

Make every job a profitable one

Track actuals to your budget. Drill into costs by customer, project and cost code.

Improve future estimates

By understanding your actuals improve your future estimates.


Account for every minute worked

Ensure each time card submitted by your crew is always allocated to a project and/or cost code.

Drill into costs by customer, project & cost code

Simple but powerful reporting allows you get a detailed breakdown of your labor costs without the need for messy spreadsheets.

Workers compensation breakdown for each job

Understand your
all-in costs

Include workers compensation insurance fees for each hour worked on every project to gain a true understanding of your all-in labor costs.

Track your actuals
in real-time

Quit waiting to get an understanding of how your costs are tracking. Every time card submitted updates your actuals in real-time.

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