Our Vetting Process

Each candidate must pass a strict 7 point vetting process designed to ensure we hire quality people that match your specific job requirements.

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We follow a strict, 7 point hiring process for every single hire

With our extensive experience placing 1000's of tradesmen, we've built a 7 point hiring process that ensures we hire quality people that match your specific requirements. This process takes between 3-5 days with under 3% of applicants typically getting accepted.


Collecting job requirements

For every job opening that we take on for our clients, we take the time to understand the specific requirements. This includes understanding the level of experience, key technical skills, soft skills, leadership skills and other important details.


Extensive candidate sourcing

We promote your job to our exclusive network of skilled workers and on leading job board platforms. We'll typically reach 5x more candidates than you would promoting the job yourself.


Initial screening using profiles and reviews

Worker profiles with ratings and reviews from past employers help us screen out the highest quality workers to match your needs. For workers who are new to our network, we'll interview them to establish their profile.


Interviewing top candidates

Our specialized construction recruiters personally interview every worker to verify that their experience and skills are a fit for your specific role. We interview over 10,000 candidates every year, we're getting pretty good at this!


Supervisor reference checks

We conduct reference checks with past supervisors to verify experience and performance. We do not make hires without performing reference checks and believe they’re incredibly valuable to driving successful outcomes.


Background check

We run national and county criminal checks, global watchlist, sex offender, SSN, and address traces for every hire we make. No exceptions.


W-2 onboarding & I9 verification

We ensure each worker has the proper right to work documentation for I9 verification, collect W-4s and details for delivering paychecks - the whole nine yards.

Tailored Customer Service

Understanding your business needs

At Workyard, we don’t think construction staffing is a one size fits all game. We prioritize quality and the needs of your business above all else.

With you every step of the way

We keep you informed on how we are progressing through-out the hiring process. After a hire is made, we'll check-in to make sure you are happy. Our customer service team is always available any answer any questions you may have.


Contractors love using Workyard

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