Kristen Saunders

Kristen is a seasoned Copywriter and Marketing Strategist. She has 8+ years of experience across a range of marketing functions and diverse industry segments.

Author’s Articles

What Does OSHA Stand For?

OSHA stands for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a federal agency in the United States that sets and enforces safety and health regulations in the workplace.

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Is Holiday Pay Time and a Half?

Holiday pay being time and a half depends on the employer’s policy, as some may offer this premium rate as an incentive for employees working on holidays, but it’s not universally mandated by law.

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Is Overtime Mandatory?

No, overtime is not inherently mandatory; it typically depends on an employer’s policies, labor laws, and an employee’s classification and hours worked.

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How To Avoid Mandatory Overtime

To avoid mandatory overtime, negotiate terms in employment contracts, communicate availability clearly, understand employer policies, and explore alternative scheduling or workload management strategies.

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