Accounting & Payroll Integrations

Workyard’s integrations easily sync employees, vendors, projects, cost codes, and time data with your accounting system of choice. Leverage our integrations to connect with most leading payroll providers and execute your payroll in minutes.

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The Best Way to Source Time & Cost Data From the Field

Seamlessly Connected

Workyard’s construction time clock integration syncs with your accounting systems. Enter employee & project data once and make it instantly available to your whole team.

Accurate Time Data

Make better decisions with accurate time and job cost data captured by Workyard that directly syncs with your accounting & payroll systems.

One Click Payroll

Eliminate the pain of payroll by sending precise time activity data directly to your payroll system with one click.

Available Integrations

Setup your integration in a matter of minutes with our easy to use connection process. If you need help, our customer support team is there to jump on a call and help you every step of the way.

API & File Export


Integrate directly with our Developer REST API. Check out our Online Developer API Reference for more details. Contact us to discuss your API requirements, we're happy to help however we can!


Flexible Excel exports that include timesheets broken down by employee, job and cost code.

Get Actual Job Costs Into Your Accounting System

Workyard’s construction time clock integration makes it easy for your crew to tag their hours to projects and tasks and then sends job cost data to your accounting system. The result is real-time data to improve client reimbursements and profitability on every project.

Say Goodbye to Painful Payroll With Seamless Construction Payroll Integration

Reduce payroll processing time and costs by up to 75% each week. Workyard integrates with your accounting and payroll systems to reduce avoidable errors and eliminate mind-numbing manual data entry.

Simplify your payroll process

Running payroll for a construction or service business has never been so easy.

Save time

Time card data from Workyard automatically flows over to your payroll system.

Reduce manual errors

If your time card data is correct in Workyard, it will be correct in your payroll system. No double-entry and human errors necessary.

Ensure compliance

Stop manually calculating overtime for your crew. Our built-in calculations keep you compliant with your state's labor laws.

The Human Support You Deserve

We make it even easier for you to connect your payroll and accounting systems to Workyard by offering you 1:1 human support. Have questions about how our construction time clock integration works? Reach out to us below.

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