About us

It's 2024, but contractors are still struggling to find the tools to help improve the productivity of their teams. We believe they deserve a better way. Workyard is a game-changing workforce management system that helps contractors and field services companies improve their profits by better managing their labor.

Our story

My co-founder (and sister) Alex and I grew up in a family of trade professionals. From an early age we knew we wanted to build things, but were drawn to using technology to do it.

In 2017, we teamed up to launch a staffing business focused on helping contractors hire skilled trades. We worked with over 100 contractors across a wide range of industries and trades to recruit workers, and manage their payroll end-to-end.

In doing so, we learned the hard way just how hard it was to effectively track time for workers in the field. We tried existing technology solutions, nothing worked.

Existing solutions just weren't built for the field, and were simply too cumbersome for workers. We realized there was an opportunity to build a smarter solution that leveraged modern smartphones to make the process easier for contractors and their teams. So we decided to build our own solution...

From these frustrations & insights, Workyard as you see it today was born, and our mission to help contractors increase profitability by better managing and measuring their crew's work was established.

Our core beliefs

Construction focus

We’re 100% focused on helping contractors. Legacy workforce management tools are built for a wide range of industries and use cases, resulting in unnecessary complexity and critical business needs not being met.

Making it simple

The assumption that contractors & their crews are not tech-savvy enough to use software is B.S. The real issue is that up until now there has been a lack of focus on building productivity tools that work for them. We're changing that with our focus on designing user-friendly software that requires no training to get started.

Competitive advantage

Construction will continue to be a labor-intensive business, but the owners who adopt technology will have an unfair advantage over their competitors. As we have seen across other industries, the organizations that embrace this will prosper. If you're not convinced, read: HBR - How technology gives you an advantage.


Transparency empowers teams and drives better behaviors and decision making. One example of this we have observed is when everyone knows location tracking is on while they are working, it ultimately drives more accurate time cards and up to 10% in payroll cost savings.

One platform

If using software to better manage your workforce requires using 5 different apps, that's going to be a non-starter. That's why from the beginning we set out to create one platform for you to handle everything related to managing work at your company.

Hands-on service

Just like in construction, we believe our business is built off of relationships. We love getting on the phone and being available for our customers. We see staying close to our customers as the key ingredient in enabling us to make Workyard better serve the needs of every construction company over time.

Our leadership

Nic De Bonis

Nic is the CEO and Co-Founder of Workyard. Nic has over 26 years of experience building B2B and B2C software across a variety of industries. Prior to Workyard, Nic spent over 10 years at Commonwealth Bank leading the development of flagship products such as Netbank, Commbiz and the Commbank App. He is a graduate of University of Technology Sydney in Computing Science with first class honours in Internet Commerce.

Alexandra De Bonis

Alex is Co-Founder and Head of Product Design. Alex has over 10 years of product design experience many verticals, including real estate, lifestyle, and retail. She had founded her own agency, before co-founding Workyard with her brother Nic De Bonis, and is a graduate of the University of Western Sydney.

Christina Kao
Business Operations

Christina leads business operations at Workyard. Christina has a wealth of experience managing HR & Payroll for a wide variety of construction businesses that enables her to provide the expert support required for our customers. She has a BA from San Francisco State University.

James Gordon

James leads the software engineering team at Workyard. James has over 25 years experience in software engineering roles in various industries including retail, investment banking, psychometric assessment, HR and payroll. James has a Bachelor of IT from the University of Technology Sydney.

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