Our mission is simply to connect you with the best subcontractor for the job, every time.

We know how important it is for every construction business to have reliable and trustworthy subcontractors and how hard it is to source them exactly when you need them for your projects. Subcontractors ultimately want a stable and predictable pipeline of work from head contractors they enjoy working for.

Workyard is on a mission to create a win-win for all construction pros, by creating a marketplace that instantly connects subcontractors looking for additional work with head contractors that need a job done.

Our Team

Photo of Nic - Co-founder & CEO

Nicolas De Bonis

Co-founder & CEO

Photo of Alex - Co-founder & Head of Product

Alexandra De Bonis

Co-founder & Head of Product

Photo of Kevin - Head of Operations

Kevin Jochelson

Head of Operations

Photo of Sam - Engineering

Tom McLeod


Photo of Jason - Engineering

Jason Silver


Photo of Sam - Engineering

Sam Henderson


Photo of Mahdi - Engineering

Mahdi Akhzary


Photo of Katie - Social Media

Katie Sverchek

Community Manager


If you have any questions about Workyard, send us a message. Or if you want to join our awesome team, email us here, we'd love to hear from you.