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Simplify labor compliance with wage and hour laws using our tools and guardrails.

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Labor compliance overview with time card and rules

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How Workyard reporting helps your business

Keep accurate records

Searchable GPS-verified online time records for every minute worked.

Identify gaps

Proactively identify compliance issues and address them quickly.

Set rules for OT & breaks

Built-in rules for overtime and breaks that improve compliance.

Avoid disputes

Increased transparency for workers that actually reduces disputes.

Comply with FLSA recordkeeping requirements

Labor disputes can takes years to surface. Never lose a time record with an accurate & searchable online repository.
"Workyard will save me $2,500 in inflated payroll costs from 1 guy alone. Guys would round to a 7 am arrival time. Now I can see 7:18, 7:14 actual arrival times on site."
Dan Hausmann
Owner, American Craftsman Contracting

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Ensure overtime is calculated accurately

Built-in federal, state & custom overtime calculations

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