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See what our customers are saying about how Workyard is helping them better measure and manage their labor.

With Workyard's GPS time clock app, Brenda was able to eliminate time theft, guesswork, and employee dishonesty at Pro Homes and Sunrooms.

Bill Kapaldo from Construction Punch Services was able to ditch paper spreadsheets and automate billing to recover one day each week.

April at AV Decking exceeded her goals by saving $150,000 in the first 6 weeks through improved payroll accuracy.

Victor at Synaptic Solar is saving $5,000 per week by streamlining their scheduling and better understanding job cost drivers.

Shiloh Hoggard used Workyard to save hundreds of man hours each week by more efficiently routing her field team.

Kathi Smith at D & S Electric saved $10,000 by eliminating payroll expenses caused by inaccurate time cards.

Kelly Adreani at Earned Run Property Management increased client reimbursements by more than 30%.

Dana Almaraz at Allied Restoration eliminated the stress and thousands of dollars of wasted money caused by avoidable payroll mistakes.

Battle-Tested By Field Teams

Workyard is great!! The app makes it really easy to keep track of your time and get paid accurately.

Ron Webb

Tried other apps like TSheets and had glitches and frozen screens when I tried to take breaks or finish work. Haven’t had those problems with Workyard

Jacob Law

I really like that the Workyard time tracker is a user friendly app.

Charles Settles

Excellent format! User friendly and even a built-in reminder to clock out

Swami Yogananda

I use the Workyard app to log my time cards at the end of each work day. Using my phone makes it quick & easy.


I love it. Very easy, very reliable.

Alex Chavez

D&S Electric reduced overpaying on payroll by $10,000 per year by tracking actual employee arrival times

Earned Run increased client reimbursements by 30% by tracking labor costs across clients and tasks

Allied Restoration reduced payroll processing costs by $12,000 annually by eliminating avoidable time reporting mistakes

What Construction Leaders Are Saying About Workyard

Easy to use, one step for employees. Easy for me to process payroll and monitor hours on the fly.

Shaun Telford
Owner, Telford Cooling

We’re a service company and crews may have 5-12 jobs a day. With the GPS tool I can let customers know ETAs in real-time.

Ian Cota
Owner, Ic Electric

We’ve been able to track our labor expenses in real-time, with a cost capture that far outpaces what we were previously using. I would predict our client reimbursements will increase by 30% before the end of the year.

Kelly Adreani
General Manager, Earned Run Property Mgmt

I’m grateful for the amount of time we’ve saved and the stress of payroll has become so much lighter for us as a company. We can attribute that to what Workyard has done for us.

Dana Almaraz
Director, Allied Restoration

I like that I can instantly run a report in Workyard to show me how we’re doing across any of the 5 projects we’ve got running at the same time.

Kristi Miller
Owner, Eric Miller Electric

Doug, I was gonna go with Clockshark but I just really liked your guys app more. Seems way better in every way.

George Vakalopoulos
Operations, AK Flaggers

Weekly time spent on payroll and job allocation went from 4 hours weekly to less than an hour.

Kathi Smith
Vice President, D&S Electric

Workyard is going to save me $2,500 in inflated payroll costs from one guy alone. Guys would round to a 7 am arrival time. Now I can see 7:18, 7:14 actual arrival times on site.

Dan Hausmann
Owner, American Craftsman Contracting

When I tried TSheets the GPS showed me clocking in 3 cities away from where I was at. Workyard is by far the best GPS technology in the industry.

Corey Jeffers
Owner, Deer Creek Construction

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