Save Time With Bulk Time Card Creation & Editing

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  • 3 min read

Accurate Time Tracking Is So Much Easier With Workyard

    Workyard makes it easy for your crew to use their phones to create construction’s most accurate time cards. 

    But what if they don’t have a smartphone or they forget to create a time card?

    To help you save time when you need to create and edit your employee time cards, we’re excited to release our bulk time card creation and editing features.

    What’s New This Month

    Bulk Time Card Creation

    Workyard now gives you the ability to quickly copy a time card to multiple employees at once.

    Here’s a use case we heard recently. 

    Imagine you have a supervisor with a crew of 6 employees that are working together on the same project and arrive and depart at the same time each day. 

    Your supervisor is using the Workyard app to generate their time card. How do you duplicate that time card across each of the six employees?

    Now you can! Select the supervisor’s time card and make a copy for each employee you select all at once.

    Don’t have a time card to copy? You can easily create new time cards for multiple employees with the click of a button from web, Android, and iOS.

    Quickly create multiple time cards at once.
    Apply time cards to all or select employees.

    Bulk Time Card Editing

    Adjust start or finish time, breaks, approve, or clock out working time cards.

    Once time cards are created, you’re inevitably going to need to make adjustments and changes. 

    With our new bulk time card editing feature on the web, you can eliminate the hassle of going through each time card one by one to make changes.

    Select all the time cards you want to edit, change the start or finish time, add a break, approve them, or even clock out workers whose time cards are still running.

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    Accurate Time Tracking Is So Much Easier With Workyard

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