Alex De Bonis

Alex is Co-Founder of Workyard and Head of Product Design. Alex has been working with construction companies over the last 8 years to help them improve their people operations from hiring through to running payroll. Before founding Workyard, Alex worked as a freelance product designer across multiple verticals, including real estate, lifestyle and retail. She holds a Bachelor of Visual Communications, from Western Sydney University.

Author’s Articles

Women estimating business-related costs on a laptop.

How To Estimate Construction Labor Cost Quickly

Construction projects are expensive, and labor is typically the largest and hardest cost to estimate. We’re going to show you a few ways to evaluate your construction labor costs and improve estimating — without getting bogged down with the numbers.

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Construction site engineer watching the clock.

Construction Employee Scheduling: Best Practices & Tools

Construction employee scheduling can make or break your projects — it has a large impact on whether you complete a project on time, client satisfaction, and ultimately whether you make money. In this article, we cover the best practices and tools that will streamline your scheduling.

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