Employee Time Tracking Guide

In this extensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about employee time tracking & help you choose the right solution for your business.

Time Tracking Fundamentals

What We’ll Cover

In this section we unpack the employee time tracking basics . We cover all of the key components of employee time you’ll need to track to ensure your payroll is accurate and you’re compliant with labor laws.  

Understanding Labor Laws

What We’ll Cover

Here we unpack and simplify the FLSA labor laws that every employer needs to understand to ensure compliance and avoid costly labor disputes. 

Employee GPS

What We’ll Cover

Precise GPS tracking is revolutionizing how field workers are tracked making it easier to track exact job site arrival, departure times, mileage & more. Learn how to leverage GPS tracking in your business to get complete transparency  & improve payroll accuracy. 

Tracking More Than Time

What We’ll Cover

Digitizing how you track time often leads to opportunities to improve how you manage project financials, client billing, and employee reimbursement processes. Learn how to track more than just time to get the most out of your field data & work smarter.

Time Tracking Benefits

What We’ll Cover

Electronic employee time tracking offers many exciting benefits for your business including reducing inflated payroll costs, saving huge amount’s of admin time and improving your estimation/billing processes. We cover how to solve specific problems in your business and realize these benefits.

Choosing A

What We’ll Cover

Ok, you’re convinced you need to implement an employee time tracking system, but which one is right for your business? We’ll help you understand the different types of time tracking solutions available and how to choose one that fits your specific needs.

Implementing A System

What We’ll Cover

Finally, once you have chosen an employee time tracking app, rolling it out to your team successfully can be a challenge. We’ll give you some tips of how to get your team on board, cover the common problems you’ll face, and how to implement best practice processes to manage employee time tracking.

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