Workyard Eliminates Even More Data Entry With ADP Run Integration

  • 3 min read
  • 3 min read

Track Time Accurately With Workyard

    You’ve told us that one of the headaches of managing your payroll is all the administrative work that goes into it. 

    One poor soul told us she spent 10 hours a month pulling together the data needed to get the crew paid accurately and on time. And tax season? Don’t even get her started.

    That’s why we keep adding direct integrations with the most popular payroll and accounting platforms. 

    By sending your hours collected in Workyard directly to your payroll platform you’ll save hours of manual input each week and reduce the risk of errors. 

    And those headaches caused by manual admin work? Gone.

    What’s New This Month

    New ADP Run Integration

    You want less admin work, right? Workyard now integrates with ADP Run, the cloud-based payroll solution used by more than 500,000 small businesses.

    Connect Workyard to a seamless integration with ADP Run

    If you’re just getting started with Workyard you can instantly sync your employee data from ADP Run and automatically send out invites to Workyard without any additional data entry. 

    Need to add new employees in Workyard? We’ll make sure those stay in sync with ADP Run.

    And of course at the end of each pay period you’ll be able to send your hours collected in Workyard straight to ADP Run.

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