Even More Flexible Reporting Now Available In Workyard

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Accurate Time Tracking Is So Much Easier With Workyard

    Don’t know what it’s like where you’re at but nearby us in the Sacramento area forecasters are calling for the first red flag warning days in May since 2014. Peak building season is coming in hot and fast.

    Speaking of hot we’ve got a bunch of new features that just dropped and another coming later this week. Here’s the rundown of what’s new.

    What’s New This Month

    Optional Employee Location Tracking

    At Workyard we’re always thinking about how we can help construction companies improve their profits through better visibility to their labor costs.

    For many that includes using Workyard to create accurate time cards using our next-gen GPS features.

    Workyard uses the most accurate GPS technology in the industry so you know exactly when your employees arrive and depart your projects and where they go throughout the day. It’s the #1 way owners keep their payroll in check.

    For companies that are interested in using Workyard to move their timesheets off paper or get better visibility into labor costs on their projects but aren’t interested in using GPS tracking, we’ve got an update for you.

    You can now turn off location tracking for your entire organization. You’ll still be able to empower your employees to create time cards and allocate their hours to projects and cost codes. We just won’t track their location.

    Downloadable Detailed Time Cards

    Workyard makes it easy to streamline payroll by sharing your time card information with payroll providers through direct integrations or a simple export of your data.

    Still, many customers see value in having more detailed time card reports for a complete audit of how and where time was spent.

    Workyard now gives you the ability to download a detailed time card report that includes a summary of regular hours, overtime hours, and miles recorded for each pay period. The detailed section includes hours spent on each project, mileage reporting for each day, and time and date stamped notes.

    New detailed time cards can be downloaded in Workyard.

    Job Cost Reports By Employee

    Workyard already gives you real-time reports that help you dive into the details of each project. Drill into any project and you can sort labor costs by date, employee, or cost code.

    We’ve added even more flexibility to help improve the accuracy of your invoicing to clients. You can now generate a report that lets you see a breakdown of labor costs by project for each employee.

    What’s Coming Next

    Time Card Alerts

    Workyard helps you create the most accurate time cards in construction thanks to a robust GPS audit trail. By comparing employee self-reported time to actual location information captured on the smartphone it’s easy to resolve any discrepancies before sending to payroll.

    We’re making the process of auditing time cards even easier with a whole new set of alerts.

    Alert messages will show up on an employee time card when Workyard detects a common issue that typically leads to inaccurate time data.

    These messages will help owners and admins more quickly audit time cards and ensure their accuracy, resulting in an even more accurate payroll.

    Here’s a list of new time card alerts:

    • Clock started late
    • Clocked in before arriving at a geo-fenced location
    • Clocked out after leaving a geo-fenced location
    • Clocked in while driving
    • Clocked out while driving

    In The News

    Professional Builder recently ran an article by our CEO and founder Nic De Bonis.

    In the piece, Tired of Underbidding? Time for a New Method, Nic talks about how apps like Workyard can help you crowdsource your labor cost data and create a new way to improve the accuracy of future bids.

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    Accurate Time Tracking Is So Much Easier With Workyard

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