• Published : April 6, 2023

Construction Templates: Download & Print for Free!

Manage your construction projects with these handy construction templates. Download and customize for free today. Available in PDF, Word, Excel, Google Doc, and Google Sheet formats.
Construction Template

Download and Customize Your Construction Template

Construction templates help make the document creation process easy. Rather than starting from scratch, construction project managers can easily download and customize professional contracts, estimates, invoices, and more. 

Here, we’ve provided six free construction templates. We’ve also included answers to some frequently asked questions about construction templates at the bottom of the article.

Construction Template

Construction Template

This free construction contract template includes an outline of the terms and conditions of standard construction projects. In the spaces provided, you can fill out client information, the scope of work, payment terms, timelines, liabilities and guarantees, and more.

Download your printable construction contract template here! Available in PDF, Word, and Google Docs formats.

Construction Estimate Template

Construction Estimate Template

Provide detailed project estimates with this free construction estimate template. This template includes space for filling in project costs such as equipment, materials, labor, and more.

Download and customize your construction estimate template here. Choose from PDF, Word, Excel, Google Docs, and Google Sheets.

Construction Proposal Template

Construction Proposal Template

Secure your next construction project with a proposal that highlights your company's strengths. This template includes space for providing information about your past work, as well as a project overview, schedule, budget, terms and conditions, and more.

Download your free, printable construction proposal template here. Available in PDF, Word, and Google Docs.

Construction Invoice Template

Construction Invoice Template

Create professional invoices with this easy-to-customize construction invoice template. Here, you can invoice clients for standard construction projects with space for providing descriptions, quantities, and prices of construction project items.

Download and fill in your invoice here. Available in PDF, Word, Excel, Google Docs, and Google Sheets.

Construction Bid Template

Construction Bid Template

Make the construction project bidding process easier with a ready-to-fill-in template. This template includes space for filling in the scope of work, project costs, terms and conditions, and more.

Download your free, printable construction bid template here. Choose from PDF, Word, Excel, Google Docs, and Google Sheets.

Construction Quote Template

Construction Quote Template

Send professional quotes to clients with this free construction quote template. Here, you can organize expenses related to labor and materials, and inform clients of how much your construction services will cost for their project. 

Download your free construction quote template here! Available in PDF, Word, Excel, Google Docs, and Google Sheets.

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Workyard’s construction job costing software makes it easy for your crew to tag their hours to projects and tasks, providing you with real-time data you need to increase the accuracy of client invoices and improve profitability on every project.

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Eliminate excessive payroll expenses caused by inaccurate time cards. Workyard’s construction time sheet app provides employee arrival times, departure times, and precise addresses using the most accurate GPS technology in construction. To make auditing timesheets even easier, Workyard uses smart alerts to surface potential time card mistakes.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Construction Templates

We cover:

What is a template in construction?

In construction, templates are helpful, time-saving tools for creating all types of documents. Templates can often be found online for free, much like the ones provided in some of our articles. They allow construction businesses to download and customize various forms and spreadsheets to meet the needs of their company, without having to start from a blank page.

Construction templates come in all different variations. For example, construction managers can choose from templates for scheduling, reporting, payroll, contracts, write-up forms, and more. Templates such as these are typically most useful for construction businesses with small teams and few projects, as it can become difficult to manage dozens of documents/spreadsheets as companies expand. Furthermore, templates often do not include all of the fields and information required by a specific state’s reporting laws, which can lead to problems down the line.

Although construction templates can be incredibly useful for some construction businesses, there are tools available that can simplify construction management processes without the need for templates. Solutions such as Workforce management platforms, for example, allow construction businesses to manage employee scheduling, payroll, incident reporting, job costing, mileage tracking, and more, all in one secure app. This not only saves construction managers time but also leads to more accurate reporting and cost savings.

What is a template in architecture?

Much like construction companies, architecture firms also have many free templates that they can access online. These templates come in many different forms and can be used throughout all phases of a construction project. Architecture templates may be used for creating employee schedules, proposals and contracts, financial documents, and more.

Architecture templates can be great for saving time on document creation. They are often created by professionals in the industry and contain much of the information that should be included or collected on certain documents or spreadsheets. With the right templates, architecture firms can present their brand in a professional manner, while effectively meeting organizational requirements.

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