The 10 Best HVAC Field Service Software Solutions in 2024

This guide features 10 of the best HVAC field service software solutions for 2024. Filter by features to choose the best fit for you.

HVAC, aka heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, is one of the largest service-based industries worldwide. It was recently reported to have an estimated $150 billion global market size, thanks to new integrations with IoT technologies.

On the frontlines of this industry are thousands of skilled HVAC technicians responsible for installation, maintenance, repair, troubleshooting, safety compliance and even customer interaction.

Most of these technicians are field-based, meaning they spend the majority of their working hours outside of a fixed location by going directly to where the complex systems are installed or maintained instead.

As you probably already know, managing a field fleet of staff can be challenging and incredibly time-consuming. That’s why many businesses opt for HVAC field service software.

Field service software helps businesses manage their operations using features like scheduling, dispatching, GPS tracking or payroll integration, consequently improving overall efficiency and productivity. With countless field service software options, finding the right one can cause a headache. Our guide aims to educate readers on the best field service software for HVAC, giving them the knowledge needed to make an informed decision.


Best All-in-One HVAC Field Service Software


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Workyard stands out as a complete, all-in-one software solution, ideal for HVAC businesses. It gives you the best of both worlds by featuring advanced monitoring, dispatching and scheduling power while also being easy to use thanks to a modern interface.

Precise Employee Monitoring

Tracking a large field fleet can be a real headache. Workyard’s got employee monitoring to a whole new level with precise GPS tracking that lets you know exactly where your technicians are in real time and calculate their mileage.

In addition, Workyards’s automatic clocking app detects when employees forget to clock in when arriving at a site and automatically does it for them.

Increased Crew Efficiency

Workyard’s main aim is to maximize your team’s efficiency by transforming how they communicate, travel, and complete tasks. Firstly, technicians can benefit from detailed work order instructions and report their progress using notes and images, which makes troubleshooting much more straightforward.

On top of that, Workyard lets you see which employees perform and which need to improve with individual reports on KPIs like job completion rates and driving efficiency.

Professional HVAC Templates

Workyard helps businesses track and perform maintenance operations with a library of professional HVAC templates. Use the software’s ready-made preventive maintenance checklists and general inspection forms to ensure your clients benefit from a safe, adequately maintained and long-lasting environmental control system.

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Field Edge

Best HVAC Field Service Software for Bookkeeping


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FieldEdge is a powerful HVAC field service software option, particularly useful for managing and processing advanced accounting operations.

Seamless QuickBooks Integration

Ensure everything runs smoothly between your field-service and your accounting software, thanks to FieldEdge’s QuickBooks integration. Every time a transaction is made by your clients, field technicians or bookkeeping team, it is automatically updated to both software systems with real-time scanning.

Advanced HVAC Invoicing

With FieldEdge, you can opt for a completely paperless invoicing system. Using professional HVAC templates, your technicians can create invoices during remote operations and send them to customers via email. Once the customer receives the invoice, they can pay on the spot right away thanks to a mobile payment processing system that accepts credit cards. 

Sophisticated Customer Management

Keeping track of all your customers can be complicated, especially if you’re a large enterprise. FieldEdge makes it simple with their customer management tools that let you view entire work order histories, invoices, quotes, pending payments, service agreements and contact details – all in beautifully presented personalized dashboards.

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Best HVAC Field Service Software for Outsourcing


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In the HVAC industry, things don’t always go to plan. During installations, technicians can come across old plumbing works or electrical cables needing removal or rearrangement. In many cases, HVAC businesses employ subcontractors to handle such issues, and Fieldpoint is the ideal monitoring software to track their performance.

Empower Your Subcontractors

Fieldpoint lets you track and empower your subcontractors in the same way HVAC field-service software optimizes your employees.

Using the Fieldpoint mobile app, subcontractors can clock their hours, follow instructions, report progress, collect signatures and close out work orders on site. Such integration is helpful for HVAC ventures wanting to offer plumbing or electrician services as another department and a new revenue stream. 

Smart IoT Connectivity

IoT, aka Internet of Things, allows the HVAC industry to connect to the internet and integrate with service software. The Fieldpoint mobile app monitors how your various air conditioning devices perform in real time, allowing you to inspect and maintain the correct temperature and humidity levels. 

Intelligent Analytical Insights

Fieldpoint collects analytics to generate intelligent insights indicating areas where your HVAC business performs efficiently and could improve. Key performance indicators like repair mean times and first-time fix rates let you identify which technicians are the most systematic on your field team.

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Best HVAC Field Service Software for Offline Access


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Field service software works great when your team has access to the internet. Not so great when you don’t. MSI Data is a field software solution that enables full spectrum operations even in offline scenarios.

Essential Offline Capabilities

Thanks to automatic syncing, field-based employees can view detailed work orders, clock in and out, report progress, upload images and fill inspection forms even when offline. The data is then sent to the main office once the field-based employee comes back within range of mobile internet. 

Smart Push Notifications

MSI Data uses smart push notifications to help technicians fulfil their tasks on time and avoid mistakes. The software sends appointment reminders or reminders notifying them of the next task on their to-do list.

These notifications can be fully customized. You can send notifications reminding technicians to fill inspection lists just before they end their day or even check the condition of the company vehicle’s oil levels. The options are endless.

Advanced Inspection Forms & Surveys

Regular maintenance inspection helps discover minor problems before they turn major, which increases the lifespan of HVAC systems, keeping your customers happy in the long run. MSI Data software provides access to an extensive library of HVAC forms, surveys and checklist templates, which you can effortlessly customize to suit your business.