Netflix Takes the Crown: Entertainment Industry Overtakes Tech as Job Seekers’ Top Pick

  • New study reveals, entertainment industry is the top choice among job seekers.
  • Entertainment job searches have increased by 33.15% – with Netflix as a major driver showing 308%.
  • Tech giant Microsoft has shown a significant drop by 45% in job searches.

The research, carried out by workforce management experts at Workyard, examined Google Search Trends data which revealed a significant drop in job applications for Microsoft by 45% and a rise in job seekers’ interest toward Netflix by 308%. This unusual shift in job searches triggered Workyard to conduct a deeper analysis and discover which companies are still attracting job seekers over the past 4 months.

entertainment industry job searches

The study revealed that the entertainment industry has a whopping 33.15% increase in job searches, overall. With a total of 308% percent, Netflix topped the list having the highest search volume increase for the phrases “Netflix jobs”, “Netflix careers”, “Netflix job application”, “Netflix hiring”, “Netflix hiring”, “Netflix hiring near me”, “Netflix employment”. This surge in demand has resulted in 100,000 additional job seekers eager to join the streaming service giant. Additionally, job searches for Disney World have surged by 19.2%, adding to the growing demand for careers in the entertainment industry.

The logistics industry, on the other hand, ranks highest, among all the other industries that have shown a decline in job searches. Having an average 35.31% decline, this industry is definitely facing a tough time. Even the biggest names in the industry, such as UPS, DHL, and Fedex, have been affected by this decline. Among them, Fedex has been the most affected, losing interest among job seekers by a whopping 36.51%.

The food and beverage industry comes 2nd, with a total of 20.10% decline in job searches. However, an interesting tendency has been noticed, as two of the industry giants McDonald’s and Taco Bell have demonstrated completely contrasting search results. Surprisingly, job searches for McDonald’s have increased by 17.78%, while Taco Bell has experienced a decline by 28.30%. Within this industry, Starbucks has also shown decline which averages at 23.40%.

Job searches for the technology industry giants have worsened, making it the third industry to experience a significant decline. Out of all the companies that have been analyzed, Microsoft has been hit the hardest by showing a 45.19% decline. Apple and Google – two of the other biggest players in the industry – are also failing to attract job seekers and show a decline of 18.57% and 17.91% respectively.

The furniture retail industry and non-profit sector are both facing significant declines in job searches, ranking as the 4th and 5th industries respectively. The study reveals that job seekers appear to be less interested in pursuing careers in these fields. Particularly, IKEA and World Vision, two significant players in their respective industries have shown 18.52% and 18.18% decline.

The automotive and finance industries are tied for the 6th and 7th spot, with only a 1% difference in the amount of decline. Specifically, the automotive industry, including Tesla, has seen a decline of 18.13%, while banks as a whole have experienced a decline of 18.12%.

Transportation, ecommerce, and retail seem to be holding steadier and in fact, have shown the least decline out of all the industries taking up the last 3 spots. With an average percentages of 14.09%, 13.75%, and 12.33%, respectively, of these three, retail has the smallest decline. Additionally, even though 15% less people are applying for jobs at Target, it still remains the company that most of the people look for a job with 454.900 job seekers eager to join the leading retail giant.

change in job searches by country

Spokesperson at Workyard, Nic De Bonis has commented on the findings: “The current job market has experienced a notable decline, yet Netflix jobs have seen an impressive surge in searches – and for good reason. This is thanks to its flexible positions that allow people to make extra money while they figure out what’s next in their lives amid a declining overall job market. As influencers on TikTok and Instagram promote them with great enthusiasm, side hustles like being a Netflix tagger offer up new opportunities for job seekers looking for additional income streams during tough times. In TikTok only, videos related to netflix jobs have more than 202B views resulting in drastic increase in jobs seekers’ searches”

tiktok videos of netflix jobs

tiktok videos related to netflix jobs

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