Tara Hay

Tara is the Content Marketing Manager at Workyard. She is a former journalist with more than 3 years of construction technology experience.

Author’s Articles

Does GPS Use Data?

GPS, standing for Global Positioning System, is a navigation technology that detects and pins down the location of a person or device anywhere in the world using signals and satellites, rather than cellular data from your phone plan. So, no, GPS does not use cellular data.

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What Is an Exempt Employee?

An exempt employee is someone who is not entitled to overtime pay regardless of hours worked and is paid a fixed salary, typically performing executive, administrative, or professional work with a significant level of discretion and independent judgment, and must meet specific criteria set out by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

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What Is a Timesheet?

A timesheet is an essential tool that is used by employers to record the number of hours worked by their employees each day, week, or month.

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