10 TSheets Alternatives To Make Switching Easy

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Need a TSheets alternative because you're frustrated with a glitchy product and hard to reach QuickBooks Time support? We've put together the ultimate guide.
Need a TSheets alternative because you're frustrated with a glitchy product and hard to reach QuickBooks Time support? We've put together the ultimate guide.

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    Need a TSheets alternative because you're frustrated with a glitchy product and hard to reach QuickBooks Time support? We've put together the ultimate guide.

    Well, it’s official. TSheets is now formally part of Intuit and has been named QuickBooks Time. Only time will tell (no pun intended) what that will mean for the 16-year-old business originally started by Matt Rissell and Brandon Zehm in Eagle, Idaho.

    What we do know is that when small brands are gobbled up by bigger ones transitions can be hard.

    In fact, recent reviews show some challenges customers are having with getting locked out of the app and getting support to resolve it.

    One reviewer wrote:

    “Used to be a great service both app and desktop, since take over and security update by intuit TSheets is now completely useless. The app doesn’t show any of “employee’s working” anymore. Intuit did the upgrade, and we were locked out of our account for rightly 4 days. Now everyone we log in on a desk too we have to wait for an email to verify log in. We pay for this subscription which we will be canceling once we find out replacement because this service is no longer worth the price. I would not recommend to any business owner as the services TSheets is supposed to do to make your life easier have actually now made life more difficult with this app and software.”

    fisher617 on the App Store

    Many have given up and are looking for a TSheets alternative. For those looking for options we’ll outline what to look for and some of the best options for you in this post.

    5 Things to Look for in a TSheets Alternative

    When looking for a TSheets alternative, there are some fundamental capabilities you should expect, let’s dive a little deeper into what to look for in a viable TSheets alternative. 

    1. Reliable Mobile Time Tracking App for Your Employees

    A quality TSheets alternative should come with a reliable mobile time tracking app for your employees. If it isn’t reliable, you’re going to run into the same problems you had when you were using TSheets.

    The only way you can verify this is through a true evaluation with a handful of your employees. Make sure the alternative you’re looking for offers a free trial. 

    It’s really important that the alternative you choose offers a modern time card app for employees to log their time each day from their mobile devices. Don’t settle for 1990s software design. Make sure you choose a product with an intuitive interface that as easy to use as consumer apps like Facebook and Instagram.

    Here’s a a video overview of a modern Tsheets alternative that makes time tracking easy for your employees:

    Following consumer design principles means that first and foremost the interface is user-friendly.

    You’ll also want to make sure your employees can accomplish the main tasks with just a few taps a day. Those tasks include clocking in and out, taking breaks, tagging work time to projects.

    It’s a must that the solution you select offers native mobile apps for iOS and Android. 

    Some other features the best TSheets alternatives should include:

    • Clock in and clock alerts and notifications
    • Break reminders and compliance
    • Location tracking
    • Note and photo sharing to highlight work progress

    2. Customer Support That Can Solve Your Problems

    Things don’t always go as expected on your projects but you’re always there to work things out with you clients. The same should be true for the company you select to replace TSheets.

    Look for companies that provide live human support and real-time chat.

    That level of support is what you’ll need to successfully deploy to your team and get any questions answered along the way. 

    3. Real-Time, Accurate GPS Location Information

    If you’ve got a distributed team and you want confidence in the accuracy of your payroll, then you need real-time, precise GPS location information. 

    Many solutions like TSheets offer these tools but their design is outdated. One major shortcoming is they don’t give you exact address information or turn by turn mileage.

    Knowing exactly where your employees are is the level of precision you need to guarantee to keep your payroll in check.

    Here’s a breakdown of some GPS features you should look for:

    Site Arrival & Departure Information

    Self-reported employee time is filled with errors. Employees forget to clock in or out, forget to record breaks, or sometimes intentionally record their hours inaccurately.

    For distributed teams a GPS tracking system is the key to accurate payroll. Look for solutions that share arrival and departure times, and time spent at each address visited while on the clock. The address shared should be precise. 

    Some tools even allow you to create geo-fences for frequently visited locations. This way, even if employees forget to clock the software will record their actual arrival time. Make sure those geo-fences are adjustable.

    Real-Time Location & Robust GPS Audit Trail

    All the GPS information for each employee should be displayed for you in real-time in a map format. This makes it easy for you to keep tabs throughout the day and make any productivity adjustments where needed.

    The entire GPS audit trail should also be included in the final time card to make it easy to review and approve. 

    Detailed Mileage and Driving Reports

    Turn by turn mileage and driving reports help you track time spent between locations. It can also be used to accurately reimburse your employees for personal car use or track the usage of company vehicles.

    Look for a solution that gives you exact turn by turn mileage. A good deal of products just give estimated distances which is not going to be good enough for accurate accounting.

    4. Easy to Deploy

    Whatever TSheets alternative you choose it must be easy to deploy. Look for a solution that offers a free trial period so you can evaluate how quickly you can get your company up and running.

    A well-designed platform with user-friendly native apps for employees to use should be a painless experience in getting started.

    5. More Than Just Time Tracking Software

    Look for a TSheets alternative that’s does more than just simple time tracking.  

    For example, if you’re in the construction industry, look for construction timesheet software that can also track time against jobs and cost codes, simplify your project management by organizing employee schedules and help simplify your job costing with advanced reporting features. Having access to that data helps you drive profitability by creating more accurate client invoices and getting better at future bids. 

    If you’re managing a team of installers for residential properties it might be helpful to use a product with project management and scheduling features.

    The 10 Best TSheets Alternatives

    Here’s our rundown of some of the best TSheets alternatives that are affordable and easy to adopt.

    #1 – Workyard

    Workyard provides cutting-edge time tracking and workforce management solutions specifically for construction and field services. It’s construction time tracking features, in-built location and mileage tracking, job scheduling and real-time job cost reporting help construction companies better manage payroll and increase job profits.

    Why It’s a Good TSheets Alternative

    Workyard has a less expensive starting plan than TSheets and offers a free 14-day trial. It’s Workyard’s focus on construction and field services that makes it unique.

    Workyard uses next-generation GPS tracking to provide the most accurate time cards for companies with distributed projects. It also displays precise address information and turn-by-turn driving maps in real-time.

    When it comes to usability, Workyard has been specifically designed to be as easy to use as Facebook, your workers will find it effortless to use.

    Finally, Workyard is more than just time tracking. By allowing your employees to tag their hours to specific projects and cost codes, Workyard rolls up that data into real-time job cost reporting. Many say what makes Workyard’s approach so unique is that it’s so easy to get the data.

    Free Trial

    Yes, 14-day free trial with unlimited usage and no credit card required.


    Workyard’s Time Tracking plan starts at $6 per month, per user. To add job cost reporting, Workforce Management starts at $13 per month, per user. Both plans also have a $50 per company, per month base fee that covers unlimited storage and human support. Enterprise pricing is available for companies looking to deploy across their entire team.


    • Employee time tracking and attendance tracking (this results in more accurate timesheets)
    • Real-time location tracking with built-in GPS that completely eliminates employee time theft
    • Times and addresses recorded for every site visit
    • Automatic mileage tracking
    • Functionality for adding receipts, photos, and notes to time cards
    • Software works with ADP, QuickBooks, and more
    • Employees can tag all time and cost codes to specific projects
    • Built-in employee job scheduling including the ability to attach notes, photos, checklists, and punch lists to tasks.
    • Easily generate labor cost reports in actual dollar amounts
    • Sort all your project costs by employee and cost code
    • Easy to use iPhone and Android apps
    • Tracks overtime, workers’ comp, and 1099 contractors
    • Customer support from a human representative

    Detailed overview of why Workyard is the leading TSheets alternative

    Click here to start a 14 day free trial

    #2 – Harvest

    Harvest helps you plan and estimate projects using real data to manage your employees, workflow, and other job costing tasks. Harvest is more commonly used by office workers and is not specifically designed for a remote workforce.

    Why It’s a Good TSheets Alternative

    Harvest is great for managing chunks of time, whereas TSheets is more like a clock-in and clock-out platform. 

    Harvest is also capable of much more customization than TSheets. Additionally, Harvest is great at comparing actual time worked so you can immediately identify if an employee is overworking or not working enough.

    And, Harvest makes it easy for you to compare the time each employee spends on each project versus what you budgeted. 

    Free Trial

    Yes, 30-day free trial with no credit card required. Harvest also offers a free 1-seat and 2-project plan.


    Harvest has a $12 per user per month Pro Plan that includes unlimited seats and unlimited projects. 


    • Employee time tracking
    • Employee apps that work with any device
    • Easy workflow integrations
    • Project management insights
    • Payroll integrations with invoices and payments
    • Human customer support

    #3 – Toggl

    Toggl has a whole spectrum of plans, so there’s something for every size company. Toggl seems to be best suited for law firms, agencies, and other software and office-based companies. This is because of its flexibility to organize and track time. Additionally, Toggle is user-friendly, so it’s more widely accepted by employees.

    Why It’s a Good TSheets Alternative

    Toggle has fewer features than TSheets including vacation, leave tracking, and workstation tracking. However, Toggl has a free plan and TSheets doesn’t. Additionally, completing timesheets is easier with Toggl than it is with TSheets. And Toggl’s tracking time per task is fantastic due to its reporting, performance, and reliability. 

    Free Trial

    Yes, 14-days and a credit card is required. Toggl also offers a limited free plan.


    Toggl has a free plan for up to 5-users. Paid plans start at $9 per user per month, and includes reoccurring tasks, custom colors, favorites, and more. The $15 per month, per user Business plan includes access rights, data export, and priority support. Toggl also has an Enterprise plan that allows for unlimited users and includes priority support and training assistance. 


    • Employee time tracking, timeline, billable hours, time rounding
    • Auto tracker and idle detection and scheduling reports,
    • Imports and exports
    • Schedule work and employee tasks
    • Project insights
    • More than 100 integrations
    • Project management with saved reports and templates

    #4 – Time Doctor

    Time Doctor is productivity software, as well as a helpful tool for job costing. It’s best for professionals and tech companies because it works well for managing flexible remote work teams including outsourced and overseas team members.

    Why It’s a Good TSheets Alternative

    Time Doctor is good for businesses of all sizes, as well as for managing individuals. This software is less expensive than TSheets overall, and it’s much more reliable. However, TSheets has more features. 

    Time Doctor has is easy to use and has excellent customer support. Its ability to effectively track an employee’s time with a specific task is great. Time Doctor also has an impressive reporting feature, and the training videos are invaluable. 

    Free Trial

    Yes, 14-day free trial with no credit card requirement


    Time Doctor’s Basic plan is $7 per month for 1-user and offers the basic time tracking features. The Standard plan is $10 per month for 1-user and includes additional support and more data storage. A Premium plan for $20 per month for 1-user and includes even more support, data storage, and more integrations. Time Doctor also has an Enterprise option available for larger companies.


    • Employee time tracking
    • Track tasks and projects
    • Unlimited screenshots
    • Activity tracking
    • Tracks apps and URLs
    • Payroll integrations
    • Plan specific number of integrations
    • Varying support options
    • Up to 3-groups or departments
    • Varying amounts of data storage

    #5 – Buddy Punch

    Buddy Punch is an online time clock that comes with a variety of other features. Additionally, Buddy Punch has set rates based on the number of users and is a bit cheaper than TSheets. Buddy Punch is best suited for freelancers and other industries that need an IP address lock feature. 

    Why It’s a Good TSheets Alternative

    Buddy Punch has extremely easy to use timesheets and is easy to set up. The Buddy Punch time tracking system and workflow are almost flawless, and it has an automatic reminder feature. Other features that Buddy Punch excels at are its reporting, policy compliance management, and its reliability. 

    Free Trial

    Yes, 14-days with no credit card requirement


    Buddy Punch has a Time & Attendance Plan for $29.99 per month for 1-4 employees, $599.99 per month for 150-199 employees, and every pricing denomination in-between. Pricing for 200+ employees is also available. This comes with all the features Buddy Punch offers except for scheduling. 

    If you want to add scheduling, you can get that feature with the Time & Attendance + Scheduling plan for $39.99 per month for 1-4 employees, $689.99 per month for 150-199 employees, and every pricing denomination in-between. Pricing for 200+ employees is available with this plan also. 

    An Enterprise Plan is available for $49.99 per month for 1-4 employees, $994.99 per month for 150-199 employees, and every pricing denomination in-between. Pricing for 200+ employees is also available. This plan adds API access and single sign-on.


    • Employee time and attendance tracking
    • Unlimited administrators
    • Mobile app with GPS
    • Time off tracker
    • Alerts, reminders
    • Job tracking
    • Scheduling 
    • API access
    • Single sign-on

    #6 – Hubstaff

    Hubstaff works well for a wide variety of industries but seems to be best suited for small businesses. Especially e-commerce and software companies. This is because of its ability to track the time and workflow of remote teams. It can monitor employee web pages, apps, and even an employee’s mouse activity. Additionally, Hubstaff has a free plan which is better for companies with just one employee. TSheets does not offer a free plan.

    Why It’s a Good TSheets Alternative

    Hubstaff has an easy-to-use interface and an effective time tracking and project management feature that works very well. It also excels in project accounting and is reliable. Additionally, overall, Hubstaff has a top-level employee oversight feature so you know exactly what your employees are doing at all times. 

    Free Trial 

    Yes, 14-day with no credit card requirement. Hubstaff offer a free plan for 1-user.


    Hubstaff has a Basic plan for $7 per month, per user starting at $14 and includes 2-users. This plan comes with basic employee time and activity tracking features. The Premium plan is $10 per month, per user starting at $20 and includes 2-users. This plan adds unlimited screenshots, integrations, additional support, and more. There is also an Enterprise plan for $20 per month, per user starting at $40 per month and includes 4-users. This plan comes with VIP support, unlimited job sites, concierge account setup, and more. 


    • Employee time tracking and activity levels
    • 24-hr support and VIP support
    • Per-user settings
    • Unlimited screenshots and integrations
    • Payments
    • Track apps and URLs, Mobile GPS tracking
    • Time off, holidays, scheduling, attendance, timesheet approvals
    • Expense tracking, invoices, payroll integrations
    • Client and project budgets
    • Weekly limits
    • Fleet tracking
    • Unlimited teams
    • Unlimited job sites
    • Concierge account setup
    • Higher limits on public API

    #7 Connecteam

    Connecteam is an all-in-one employee app with some great employee tracking and managing features. Connecteam seems to be best suited for those in the health services, retail, hospitality, and security industries. It’s a great program for managing overseas team members because it can text in the employee’s language and works better than other messaging apps. It also supports rich text. 

    Why It’s a Good TSheets Alternative

    Connecteam has an exceptional customer support and IT support team. The interface is clean, user-friendly, and not full of features you will never use. The flat fee pricing makes it a much more affordable option than TSheets. Even the very generous free plan has most of the same features as the premium plans. Additionally, Connecteam is continually adding to and improving its platform and services. 

    Free Trial 

    Yes, 14-day free trial with no credit card requirement. There is a free plan for up to 200 users but the features are limited.


    Plans range from $39-$159 per month and include up to 200 users. They also offer an Enterprise plan for companies that have more than 200 employees. It comes with the full set of capabilities for all team members. 


    • A whole host of communication and engagement features
    • Employee time clock that includes time and half calculation and time clock rules
    • Employee scheduling
    • User management and a variety of general settings
    • Supports forms and checklists
    • Employee task management
    • Employee training and resources

    #8 TimeClock Plus

    TimeClock Plus is a comprehensive workforce management software that comes with fully integrated and flexible time clocks, as well as other employee management features. TimeClock Plus is best suited for industries that need scalable time and attendance features. It also comes with multi-language software making it perfect for industries with overseas employees. 

    Why It’s a Good TSheets Alternative

    TimeClock Plus is user-friendly, easy to set up, and offers great customer support. TimeClock Plus excels in time and project tracking, as well as its workflow, reporting, payroll integrations, and administration systems. Businesses also like the advanced features such as leave, scheduling, and overtime. It also comes with the ability to store employee-accepted biometrics and attestations. 

    Free Trial 

    TimeClock Plus does not offer a free plan or trial. We view this as a negative but we’re still recommending them thanks to strong reviews and list of companies using them.


    TimeClock Plus has a Time and Attendance Essentials plan for $2.50 per user per month that includes basic features. The Workforce Management Professional plan is $5.00 per user per month, and includes reporting and scheduling with payroll export. There is also an Enterprise plan as well for complex organizations.


    • Time and attendance employee tracking, calculates overtime, PTO, leave management
    • Configurable dashboard
    • Automated imports, payroll exports
    • Reporting, job code management, scheduling, shift differential
    • Multi-language software
    • Customer support

    #9 Everhour

    Everhour is a basic, reliable, reasonably priced automatic employee time tracking software. This program is best suited for solo freelancers and small teams because of its interface and integration with productivity and other popular apps. Everhour is touted as being one of the best time-tracking apps for customer service and project-based businesses. 

    Why It’s a Good TSheets Alternative

    People love Everhour because of its ability to work with other productivity apps and because of its user-friendly interface. Everhour is reliable, simple to use, and has plenty of reporting tools to make it useful. It also comes with automatic time tracking and time tracking by tasks.

    Free Trial 

    Yes, 14-day free trial with no credit card requirement.


    Everhour has one plan that’s $10 per month, per user starting at 5-users, and you can add or remove users at any time. 


    • Unlimited number of users, projects, and integrations
    • Tasks management, clock-in and out
    • Budgeting
    • Alerts and reminders
    • Invoicing and flexible project billing
    • PTO, vacations, sick days
    • Customizable reports
    • Approve and lock timesheets
    • Email support
    • Public API

    #10 TimeCamp

    TimeCamp is a basic time tracking software with minimal features, but this is what makes it so easy to use. This program is best suited for B2 B companies mainly because of its ability to collaborate with other team members without any micromanagement necessary. It also gives your team the ability to self-manage their work time from their computers. This is a great feature for freelancers and office teams. 

    Why It’s a Good TSheets Alternative

    TimeCamp makes it easy to track your team’s performance, track profitability, and productivity. It allows you to easily see what percentage of time was spent on work-related tasks. It also has automatic time tracking and can scan the domain names so you can predefine categories. People also love the ability to mark tracked time as either billable or non-billable and its one-click timesheet approvals. TimeCamp offers integrations with more than 100 apps and other work tools. 

    Free Trial

    Yes, a 14-day free trial and a credit card is required. They offer a free plan with unlimited users, projects, and tasks.


    TimeCamp has two plans. The Basic plan is $5.25 per user per month and comes with custom reporting, management roles, team productivity tracking, and unlimited integrations. The Pro plan is $7.50 per month, per user and includes custom user roles, billing rates, invoicing, and timesheet approvals. TimeCamp also has an Enterprise option that includes personalized training, private cloud implementation, and a self-hosted server. 


    • Unlimited users, projects, and tasks
    • Project templates
    • Bulk edit
    • Integrations
    • Tags
    • PDF and Excel exports
    • Time rounding, hide time from users
    • Custom reports
    • Management roles, custom user roles
    • Team productivity tracking
    • Billable time and budgeting, billing rates, invoicing
    • Timesheet approvals

    Get Moving!

    Software is meant to solve problems, not create them. If it’s starting to feel like tracking employee time by paper would be easier than using TSheets as a time tracking solution, it’s time to make a switch to a tsheets alternative. We’ve outlined what to look for and 10 alternatives in this guide. Now it’s up to you to make the move.

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