Saved $150,000 in 6 weeks

How AV Decking saved $150,000 in the first 6 weeks through improved payroll accuracy and transparency.

Company Background

April is the Administrative Assistant to the CEO and Owner of AV Decking, a commercial steel decking subcontracting company. April is responsible for all the time and attendance of all of AV Decking’s field employees. She remotely manages  65 - 120 field employees throughout the year.

AV Decking has been in business since 2004, recently celebrating its 18th year in business.  The company works on large commercial buildings throughout the country. Past projects include the Tesla corporate office, Atlanta Falcons Stadium, and the Walmart corporate office.

The Problem

With their nationwide partnerships, AV Decking typically has crews distributed across 25-40 projects in multiple states. April relied on their five project managers to submit timesheets for each project.

“ The project managers had a lot on their plate, so it was just really easy for them to put 10 hours [a day] for everybody. And then that's how it was… just a screenshot of the piece of paper with all the hours”

All that guesswork resulted in April's growing concern about inaccurate payroll costs. So she and the rest of the executive team decided to crunch some numbers.

“We estimated time cards could be off by 30 minutes daily for every employee, and we had and multiplied it for the entire week. We figured that if every person was off by an average of 30 minutes a day, every day, all week long, it came pretty close to $47,000 in payroll loss a week. That's just for 30 minutes. We know that not everybody works 10 hours a day, sometimes you're working five hours, sometimes you're working 10 hours, but most of the time, you're not really working what's reported.” explained April.

April went on to say that tracking time and attendance with pen and paper also resulted in no transparency on whether their employees were at the job site or not. As their project managers traveled to multiple locations throughout the day, it was hard to track where each employee was.

The Solution

April looked at a handful of solutions, but they were sold on Workyard's GPS time clock accuracy.

Workyard is now helping April track her employee time more accurately. After speaking with Doug, their Workyard Sales Executive, April estimated they would save about $150,000 - $200,000 yearly on payroll with Workyard. April was excited to announce that they surpassed their initial estimate within the first six weeks of using Workyard!

“We've had at least a solid six weeks now with all of our guys fully on the app, and in six weeks, we actually over exceeded that $150,000 that we had originally estimated for an entire year.”

Besides those hard dollar savings, the GPS tracking helps her ensure that her employees, who she refers to as family, are safe when they travel for work.

“Our [employees] travel a lot from one coast to the next. Being able to have them on the clock. Kind of also helps us to make sure that they're traveling safe and sound, which is a really nice feature for us. Because, you know, we are a family here, and those are our family members. So we want to make sure they're getting from point A to point B.”

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