Improve Client Billing & Reduce Admin Burden

How Construction Punch Services streamlined invoicing to recover one day each week that was lost on admin.

Company Background

Bill Kapaldo is the President of Construction Punch Services, a commercial construction company based out of Waterville, Maine.

For more than two decades, Bill has been servicing the restaurant, retail, and hospitality industries, providing quality repair and restoration work throughout all phases of a construction project.

Despite his innovative offerings, Bill’s invoicing processes were stuck in the past. He knew he had to change his workflow if he wanted to continue to grow.

The Problem

Bill was using a combination of disconnected tools, including Outlook, spreadsheets, and paper-based processes. As a result, his Saturdays were spent in the office, digging through emails and paper receipts in search of the information he needed.

“Being a team of five, I didn’t have any admin support,” said Bill. “Yet I had about 30 clients and each one had their own way of invoicing.”

As his Rolodex of clients continued to grow, this became a serious problem. Bill needed an efficient and accurate way to keep track of time, expenses, and communications. He realized his “hunt and gather” methods of the past weren’t going to cut it anymore, and started searching for a solution.

“I tried using my payroll provider but they couldn’t adapt to the way I worked. Then I discovered Workyard, and in a way, this platform became my admin team.”

“It’s so easy to use, and that’s huge coming from me. Because while I can build anything with my hands, I can not use a computer. I knew if I could use it, I could sell it.”

And that’s exactly what he did.

The Solution

Bill rolled out Workyard in a matter of weeks, a process he described as “painless,” and quickly realized the benefits went far beyond invoicing. Now, he had one tool that served as his single source of truth.

“With Workyard, I have insight into exactly what is getting done. Everything is dated and timestamped, so there’s no contest about it.”

In just a few clicks, Bill can gauge his crew's efficiency and see exactly how much time is being spent on common tasks. In turn, improving the accuracy of client billing and future bids.

According to Bill, this data alone is invaluable.

“Now, I can say to my team, ‘hey, here’s how many hours it took us to put in a regular lock versus an emergency crash bar,’ so they know exactly how long it takes them to do each task.”

“Prior to Workyard, we were definitely underestimating time, but I didn’t have the data to prove otherwise. If I can’t predict how long it takes us to do something, we’re doomed to fail.”

By automatically storing labor cost breakdowns for every client, Workyard has saved Bill from hours of tedious admin work each week. As a result, he has more time to optimize other parts of his business.

For example, Bill said, “I’ve started asking the guys to log their mileage so I can further understand where time is being spent. It’s mind-blowing to see how many miles we do.”

By tracking mileage and drive time with Workyard, Bill discovered his team could spend up to six hours driving on any given day. With this kind of data in his tool kit, he can monitor vehicle health and proactively schedule maintenance, in turn reducing downtime.

“My guys see how all of this is benefiting them and making us more profitable. So I know if I ask them to track of something, they’re going to do it.”

The Bottom Line

“For me, investing in technology was never about micromanaging my team. It was always about understanding how and where time was being spent.”

Since implementing Workyard almost a year ago, Bill has seen a dramatic increase in efficiency and morale. While he originally implemented Workyard due to his own administrative shortcomings, he says it’s evolved into a beneficial tool loved and used by the entire team.

“At the end of the day, good tools make people excited to do good work,” he said.

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