Improve Client Reimbursements By More Than 30%

How Earned Run Property Management More Precisely Captures Their Labor Costs For Each Client Billing Period

“We’ve improved leaps and bounds in the accuracy of our job costing analysis. We can present a complete bill to clients at the end of every 30 day period with an audit trail. Prior to Workyard we didn’t have that supporting evidence.”

Company Background

At Earned Run, Kelly Adreani oversees 32 full-time employees who serve clients in Illinois, Michigan, and Florida. Earned Run manages maintenance work for their clients, from landscaping to snow removal, along with any safety issues. Kelly's in-house team also turns units, prepping vacated units for new clients.

The Problem

Before Workyard, Earned Run relied on the honor system to track where employees were, what they did, and how long they did it.

As Kelly put it, "We were using things like Excel and Google Sheets where someone just plugged data in manually. Our goal was to share this data weekly, but it didn't always happen. It just wasn't all that time-efficient, and we didn't have confidence in the accuracy either."

Kelly needed a more precise accounting of how much was spent on in-house labor, so the company could accurately invoice clients. Unfortunately, Earned Run had exhausted the capabilities of its property management software to accomplish it.

That's when they found Workyard.

The Solution

Kelly and her team deployed Workyard by initially having full-time employees install the downloadable app on their mobile devices. After some brief training, her staff started logging their work times to specific clients and tasks. Workyard automatically turned that data into reports for Kelly and her team to use when billing clients.

"Now," Kelly says, "We can present a comprehensive bill to our clients at the end of every 30 days with a complete audit trail. We can show our clients everything that happened seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Before Workyard, we didn't have that supporting evidence."

The Impact

Using Workyard, Kelly and her team have increased reimbursements from their clients by more than 30% year over year. For Kelly, this ultimately means improving her company's profits.

One of the best parts for Kelly is how Workyard has streamlined the entire process and made the results inarguable. Kelly told us, "With Workyard, anyone can manage this process. The information no longer lives in my head alone."

And because Workyard is data-driven and shareable, it's promoted a culture change. "The downloadable time card report creates transparency. Here's the data you're returning. Do you see something I'm not? I like being able to have those kinds of conversations with my team," Kelly told us.

Sure, a motivating factor of deploying Workyard was driving profitability for Earned Run, but Kelly also wanted to foster feedback and communication with her team.

Kelly went on to say, "I worked on explaining to my employees that this was a benefit for everyone. For example, the Workyard notes feature allows my staff to record things that went wrong and has improved collaboration with our team to get better and get things right."

In addition to improving her company's bottom line, Workyard has helped Kelly achieve the holy grail of leaders everywhere. Having her employees own their productivity.

"Workyard has helped us move from me overseeing everything to my staff captaining their own time."

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