Eliminate time theft & improve employee accountability

How pro home and sunrooms leverage GPS tracking to eliminate time theft, guesswork, and employee dishonesty.

Company Background

Brenda is the Office Manager at Pro Home and Sunrooms, a sunroom and patio installation company based out of Rochester, New York.

With only four employees and a growing client base, Brenda needed accurate time tracking software that could streamline HR and payroll workflows. She was tired of wasting time and money on technology that worked against her.

The Problem

Brenda relied on a basic time tracking app to monitor employee hours. Unfortunately, this solution lacked GPS tracking capabilities and catered to dishonest employees.

“I had no way of actually knowing if a worker was where they said they were. And unfortunately, there were some employees who took advantage of that.”

Once Brenda realized this, she started evaluating alternative software and eventually landed on Workyard.

“It was so simple and easy to use compared to other apps, and the real-time GPS tracking was a huge win for us. Ultimately, that’s why we went with Workyard.”

Prior to using Workyard, Brenda had zero transparency into the whereabouts of her field employees. If she needed to track someone down or confirm their location, she would send multiple texts and emails that often went unanswered. As a result, valuable time was wasted on unnecessary communication.

“With Workyard, I get the answers I need in minutes. Everything is right there in front of me, and there is no more he-said she-said.”

In just a few clicks, Brenda can see the exact location of her crews in real-time, ensuring they are where they say they are. Not only does this weed out dishonesty, but it also ensures payroll accuracy.

“Prior to Workyard, I had people complaining they couldn’t clock in due to poor cell service or technical issues with our previous system.” But because Brenda had no way of refuting these claims, she was forced to pay employees for hours they did not work, thus hurting her bottom line.

The Solution

Now, with Workyard, there is no more time theft.

Workyard continues to collect time and location data even when there’s no cell phone service, enabling employees to clock in and out without any excuses.

Once they regain service or connect to a Wi-Fi network, Workyard automatically syncs any data collected during the offline period to help Brenda maintain an accurate record of hours worked.

“Our previous software did not work offline and was hardly reliable online. We were always experiencing technical issues which resulted in a lot of downtime. Since switching to Workyard last year, we haven’t encountered a single problem.”

To further foolproof her time tracking system, Brenda creates geofences to get an audit trail of actual entrance and exit times for anyone working on a job site.

“I can see exactly when an employee leaves our shop and arrives at a project site. Before Workyard, I had no way of knowing that.”

Most importantly, Brenda uses geofences to automate and simplify clock-in for her workers. Once they arrive at a geofenced location, they are reminded to clock in, which in turn eliminates guesswork and costly payroll mistakes.

As Brenda put it, “this is the kind of automation you need to run a profitable construction business.”

By automating clock-in and clock-out, everyone at Pro Home and Sunrooms has one less thing to worry about. Brenda can rest assured every timesheet is accurate while her crews stay focused on the task at hand.

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