Accurate mobile time clock app for Foundation Software

Capture accurate time cards, detailed field logs, and a real-time view of your job costs with our mobile time clock app that seamlessly integrates with Foundation Software.

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All-in-one time tracking, scheduling, and job tracking for Foundation Software

Accurate GPS time clock

Accurate time tracking made easy for workers.

Automate Payroll

Digitize time capture and payroll. Eliminate tedious admin and mistakes.

Capture job costs

Accurately capture exact labor costs for each job.

Mobile Scheduling

Schedule & organize jobs with a shared digital calendar.

Why use Workyard with Foundation Software?

Accurate GPS time clock for Foundation Software

Our mobile time tracking app captures accurate timesheets using the industry's most precise GPS tracking - saving you on payroll costs and providing the data you need to run even more profitable projects. Capture an accurate field log with our easy-to-use app.

Automatically capture job costs

Make tagging time to projects and cost codes easy for your crew. Optionally, you can require employees who clock in to assign time to projects to ensure all time is allocated correctly.

Mobile scheduling for Foundation

Make it easy for employees to know where they need to be and what they need to work on. Schedule & organize jobs with a shared digital calendar. Communicate exactly what needs to be done with checklists, photos and more. Easily set up recurring tasks with our mobile time clock app for Foundation Software.
"I’m grateful for the time we’ve saved and the stress of payroll has become so much lighter for us. We can attribute that to Workyard."
Dana Almaraz
Director, Allied Restoration

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Automate payroll with Foundation

Eliminate hours of tedious admin and mistakes with automated payroll built for Foundation Software. Digitize time capture and payroll. Reduce payroll processing time by up to 75% each week. At the click of button we'll automatically send timesheets to Foundation for both employees and contractors.

Improve billing & job costing accuracy

Electronically send accurate timesheets to Foundation for improved billing and job costing accuracy.

How it works

Step by step guide


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Connect Foundation

Go to the Integrations page, click connect Foundation Software and log into Foundation to allow Workyard to sync data.


Sync users

Navigate to the employees page, and click Import to sync Employees from Foundation to Workyard.You will be prompted to select which records you would like to be synced. You can also sync Jobs, Phases, and Cost Codes by following the same procedure on those respective pages.


Invite users

Add team members to your Workyard account so they can track time and fill timesheets.


Clock time

Your employees will be invited to download the app. Get you team clocking in and out every day to record time accurately.


Send time to Foundation

Go to the Time Cards page, click Export. Next select the Pay Period you would like to export. All time cards broken down by job, phase, and cost code will be electronically sent to the Foundation Time module.

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All your

Foundation Software

questions answered.

What does your Foundation field log capture?

Field employees can capture progress by adding notes, receipts or other photos of work to time cards and tasks. Our GPS tracking system automatically detects every job site entry and exit. You are also able to use checklists to track specific task progress with full audit trail of who and when for each item.

What exact information do you send to Foundation Software?

For each employee we'll send a list of time cards for a given pay period, each with a corresponding job and cost code allocation and the amount of hours worked for each job/cost code allocation. We are also able to automatically tag trades and phases for each time card.

Is your Foundation Software integration cloud based?

Yes, Workyard is flexible enough to connect to either a cloud hosted instance of Foundationsoft or an on-premise instance of Foundationsoft.

How does Workyard compare to the Foundation mobile field log?

Workyard offer's an alternative way of capturing accurate time data from the field by leveraging precise GPS time clock to capture workers hours, tag time to jobs and cost codes, and even share schedules and tasks with your whole crew.

Is Workyard a Foundation integration partner?

Yes, Workyard is a Foundation integration partner. You can find out more about the integration on the Foundation integration page.

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