Location Tracking

Get an up-to-date view of work sites visited and trips in between. Use geo-fences to ensure accuracy and automate your job costing.

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Benefits of location tracking

Real-time view of who & where

Always know where your workers are when they are on the clock.

Worker accountability

Our accurate time and location tracking app incentivizes workers to do the right thing and be where they are when they say they are.

Automate your job costing

Ditch the spreadsheets, our site visit tracking technology automatically calculates job costs for you.

Key Features

Understand time spent
on-site and mileage
in between

Track sites visited and driving routes between each work site. Field service companies can get a visual mapping and itinerary of their employees’ work days.

Contactless site check-ins

Our app detects when a worker has stepped onto a work site and checks them in. Easily keep timesheets for everyone on-site, know what they did and when they left.

Get a complete view of your crews location

Real-time GPS tracking enables you to know where all your workers are when they are clocked in.

Automate your job costing

Our site visit tracking technology automatically allocates your labor costs to each of your work sites. Create a geo-fence around your work sites and workers will automatically be allocated to that site when they enter it.

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