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Construction Daily Report Template

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Pick from one of many of our easy to use daily report templates specifically designed for construction companies and contractors. Once you download the template, it’s yours to customize any way you want.

Construction Daily Report Template

Construction Daily Report Template

This is a comprehensive daily report template useful for construction companies that would like to capture the key events that happen on a job site every day without having to spend too much time on paperwork. 

Capture weather, progress notes, a log of all workers and subcontractors on site and their hours, material deliveries, equioement usage, and key call outs like safety issues and delays.

Construction Daily Log Template

Construction Daily Log Template

This is a simple daily log template useful for construction companies that would like to capture the key events that happen on a job site. 

Capture weather, progress notes, a log of all workers and teams including their start time, finish time, and total hours, and key call outs like safety issues and delays.

Contractor Daily Report Template

Contractor Daily Report Template

This is a contractor daily report template useful for contractors that would like to capture job site progress on a daily basis. 

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Construction Daily Report Template Tips & Tricks

We cover:

What is a daily report in construction?

A daily report in construction is a document that records the activities, progress, and issues of a construction project on a daily basis. It typically includes information about work completed, materials used, personnel on site, weather conditions, and any challenges or delays encountered during the day. The purpose of a daily report is to provide a clear and concise update on the status of the project, to identify and track issues, and to facilitate communication between all stakeholders.

Construction daily reporting can help protect you legally by providing a clear and accurate record of what has happened on the construction site each day. The daily report can serve as evidence in the event of disputes or legal challenges, helping to establish what was done, when it was done, and by whom. The daily report can also help identify and address potential problems early on, reducing the risk of disputes and legal issues. Additionally, the daily report can help ensure that all stakeholders are informed of the project’s progress and any relevant issues, which can help to reduce misunderstandings and improve communication.



What are the contents of a daily report?

A construction daily report can contain the following fields:

  • Date
  • Weather
  • Project
  • Location
  • Entry and exit time for all workers and subcontractors
  • Hours worked 
  • Material Deliveries
  • Equipment Usage Times
  • Visitor Log
  • Issues
  • Delays
  • Safety Incidents
  • Notes on progress
  • Completed By and Signature

Is there software for daily reporting in construction?

The short answer is yes there are construction daily reporting software packages on the market however the challenge is that they tend to be data entry intensive. It can be easier to fill out a paper form than to fill out a daily report on an Ipad. You do however save time on the backend by not having to collect the paper reports, file them and the also data enter key information into other systems such as your accounting or payroll system.

One approach is to actually implement a hybrid solution, where you still capture notes, weather and basic information on a paper based daily report, and then you leverage a GPS time clock app for accurately capturing hours worked and production data on a daily basis. These time clock apps as easy to use and only require one tap to clock in and out every day. You get all the benefits of digital record keeping without the cumbersome data entry.

What is the best way to capture hours worked accurately as part of daily reporting?

Using a paper based daily report for capturing hours can be error prone and costly if you are relying on the hours recorded for your payroll processing. The easiest and most accurate way to capture hours is to use construction time tracking software.

Construction time tracking software offers numerous benefits to construction companies and their employees.

Firstly, it helps companies accurately track and record the time spent on construction projects, including the number of hours worked by employees, which is essential for billing and invoicing clients. This information can also be used to optimize schedules, minimize downtime, and improve project planning.

Secondly, construction time tracking software can also be integrated with payroll systems, which helps to simplify payroll processing and reduce errors.

Thirdly, the software can provide real-time data that enables managers to make informed decisions about the progress of a project and identify any potential issues early on, improving overall efficiency and reducing the risk of delays.

Additionally, it offers an effective way to monitor and manage employee attendance, reducing the need for manual processes, reducing administrative burden, and increasing accuracy. In summary, construction time tracking software offers numerous benefits including improved project planning and management, simplified payroll processing, and increased efficiency and accuracy.

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