• Published : January 28, 2023

Construction Timesheet Templates: Download & Print for Free! 

Accurately capture employee hours with our with custom, professional construction timesheet templates your employee's can fill out in less than a minute.
Construction Timesheet Template

Download & Customize A Construction Timesheet Template

Pick from one of many of our easy to use timesheet templates specifically designed for construction companies and contractors. Once you download the template, it’s yours to customize any way you want.

Construction Timesheet Template

Construction Timesheet Template

This weekly construction timesheet template is useful if you want to track overtime hours worked and also keep a log of the break time for each day.

If you don’t pay for meal breaks, this may be particularly useful. 

It allows you to capture date, notes, start time, end time, regular hours, break time, overtime hours, double time hours and total hours each day. 

Construction Time Card Template

Construction Time Card Template

Use this construction time card template if you want your employees to keep a detailed a log of their activities on a daily basis. 

It allows you to capture start time, end time, notes and total hours for each activity. 

Contractor Timesheet Template

Contractor Timesheet Template

This weekly contractor timesheet template is designed for contractors that are not too concerned with recording the exact start and times for each day, but instead a detailed log of hours spent on each project for each day of the week. 

It also allows you to record units and rates for each line item if you are paying different rates for different activities.  

In addition, it includes a section for recording additional expenses such as mileage, fuel, and other costs incurred.

Daily Construction Timesheet Template

Daily Construction Timesheet Template

This daily construction timesheet template is designed for contractors that would like their individual workers to record a detailed work breakdown of their activities throughout the day. 

In addition to capturing start time, end time, and hours worked for the day, workers can provide a work breakdown including project, cost code, start time, hrs and quantities for a specific activity.

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What should a construction timesheet include?

At a minimum a construction time sheet should include the following fields:

There are certain types of information that you might want to record that are not possible to record with a timesheet. For example, photos, receipts, driving trips, accurate mileage. If you want to capture this type of information and more, look at investing in a construction time tracking software solution.

How often should I record time?

It’s tempting to record time on a weekly basis however this can lead to employees guessing their exact hours because they cant remember the exact hours they did even one day ago. If  you have supervisors, they will also tend to guess hours if they are recording hours weekly. 


The best approach is to ask hourly employees record their hours on a daily basis by recording their start time at the start  of the day, and then recording their end time at the end of the day. This take’s the guesswork out of the process and also minimizes the chances of disputes later. 


How do I track time spent on projects and tasks through out the day?

Our standard construction timesheet template available above allows you to record hours for specific projects and tasks. The cost code column can be used to group the types of tasks you are doing. The best approach to ensure you record time per project accurately is simply top write down the task or project name at the start of the task, and then the start time. When you finish the task, write down the end time, and then calculate the total time spent by subtracting the start time from the end time. 

Repeat this process for each task or project throughout the day. Another way is to use a timer or stopwatch and start it when you begin a task and stop it when you finish. Then record the amount of time that you spent on that task in your time log.

How do I get construction workers to fill out their timesheet?

There are many things you can do to motivate workers to complete their timesheets:


  1. Make it easy: Provide employees with an easy-to-use time tracking system that is accessible from any device. The best option is using a GPS time clock app because all they have to do is tap once to clock in and tap to clock out at the end of the day.
  2. Explain why it’s important: Explain how accurate time tracking is going to help the business but is also beneficial to them.
  3. Lead by example: Encourage managers and supervisors to lead by example by consistently filling out their own timesheets.
  4. Provide incentives: Offer small incentives to employees who consistently fill out their timesheets on time, such as gift cards or extra time off. Small gestures can go a long way.
  5. Make it mandatory: Establish a clear policy that requires all employees to fill out their timesheets and make it a part of their job responsibilities.
  6. Provide training: Offer training and support to employees who are having difficulty with the time tracking system.
  7. Reminders: Many time tracking systems offer built-in regular reminders to help to remember to clock in and out.

Clear communication, consistency, and making the process as easy as possible, can help motivate employees to fill out their timesheets accurately and on time.

What is the most efficient way to collect construction timesheets?

Using a time tracking software solution is usually the most efficient way to collect accurate timesheets. There is additional monthly subscription incurred to purchase one of these systems, but they often will easily pay themselves due to the administration time saved and improved payroll accuracy.

Types of systems available:

  1. Time Clock Apps – These are best suited to businesses that employees working in the field, often moving from project to project. The apps utilize GPS tracking to ensure time captured is accurate and you have complete transparency for every minute worked.
  2. Desktop Time Tracking Software – These are best suited for knowledge workers that are being paid hourly or billed our hourly to clients. Often these software packages will track the different apps being used on the workers desktop computer.
  3. Kiosks – These are best suited for organizations that have a large amount of hourly employees working at a single location, and they just need to track when they arrive and leave every day. Manufacturing businesses often use these type of solutions.

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