• Published : March 17, 2023

Employee Task List Templates: Download & Print for Free!

Communicate what needs to be done with our free employee task list templates that are downloadable and printable. Available in Word, Excel, Docs and Sheets formats.
Employee Task List

Track and Manage your Teams Work With Free Employee Task List Templates

When properly utilized, employee task lists can increase productivity, communication, accountability and more. 

Here, we’ve provided three useful employee task lists templates that can be downloaded and customized to your team’s needs. We’ve also included answers to common questions about task lists to help you achieve the benefits that come with using them effectively. 

Employee Task List Template

Employee Task List Template

This employee task list template includes space for project managers to assign tasks, add task descriptions, set completion dates, approve work, and more. 

Download a digital copy for easy sharing, or print and fill in. Available in Word, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Excel, and PDF.

Daily Employee Task List Template

Daily Employee Task List Template

Daily task list templates are best used for employees who work on various projects or tasks throughout their workday. Here, employers can assign tasks and set their priority status, and employees can log task completion and the amount of time spent on each task.

Download and customize your daily task list template here. Choose from Word, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Excel, and PDF formats.

Project Task List Template

Project Task List Template

Easily manage all parts of your project with this project task list template. This task list includes space for filling in task descriptions and categories, start and end dates, completion status, and more.

Download your free template here. Available in Word, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Excel, and PDF.

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What is an employee task list, and why is it important?

Employee task lists are forms that are used to inform employees of which tasks they are responsible for completing over a certain period of time. In the construction industry, task lists are often created at the start of a project, or throughout various stages of larger-scale projects.

Task lists are important because they provide workers with a clear outline of what is expected of them. This can help them know how they should be utilizing their time at work to finish projects and tasks more efficiently. Task lists also help employers stay on top of managing time and resources. They can see who is occupied with tasks, and who is able to take on additional work as they complete items on their lists.

How do I prioritize tasks on an employee task list?

Effectively prioritizing employee tasks can make all the difference in improving efficiency and ensuring deadlines are met. When prioritizing tasks, managers should assess:

Total tasks that need to be completed: The first step in prioritizing tasks is creating a list of all tasks that must be completed for a project. This makes checking off work that has been completed easier, and lets managers see a full overview of the tasks that need to be assigned.

Which tasks are most important: There’s no question that certain tasks need to be completed before others. For example, a building construction project will need to prioritize site work tasks well before internal building tasks. Managers must also consider factors like safety and local laws when prioritizing certain tasks.

Tasks with upcoming deadlines: When multiple projects or tasks are being worked on simultaneously, managers must be aware of deadlines. If a deadline is approaching for one project, management may switch the priority of other projects to “low” so that they can allocate more time to completing the project.

How can I share an employee task list with my team?

With traditional task lists, managers will typically provide a printed or digital copy to their teams. Employees can then view the tasks that they have been assigned, and fill in the required fields. 

While manual task lists are easily accessible, they can be difficult to manage. For example with printed forms, employees must bring them to and from job sites, which often results in them being lost. Digital copies of manual task lists also have their downsides.
As anyone with access can make edits, there exists the possibility of fields being accidentally deleted or tampered with. 

One great alternative to traditional methods is digital task lists. Not only are they more secure, they also provide a more accurate overview of project progress and employee tasks. Through platforms that offer digital task lists, project managers can assign tasks, set priority statuses, and more in just a few clicks. These lists are then shared with employees where they can share updates on the completion of their tasks instantaneously.

What tools or software can I use to manage employee task lists?

Today, there are many great tools and software available for managing employee task lists. Depending on the nature of your business however, you will get more use out of some tools than others.

For small businesses in industries like food and beverage service, hospitality, or retail, manual task lists are likely to satisfy employers needs. In creative, finance, and tech industries, there are also many popular solutions that help teams manage tasks digitally. 

For construction, home services, or property maintenance businesses, solutions that cater specifically to these industries are likely to be the best fit. Workforce management apps like Workyard, for example, let employers manage all components of employee task lists.

How do I make sure employees are completing their tasks on time?

Making sure employees complete all of their tasks on time is an important duty for project managers. Failure to complete tasks before their deadlines can lead to project delays, lower productivity, and a damaged company reputation.

To ensure employees are completing tasks on time, employers should:

Clearly communicate expectations: Ensure employees are aware of their responsibility to complete tasks by a specific date and time.

Offer support: If an employee is consistently late on delivering work, they may require additional training or support from other team members. 

Utilize management tools: Task management tools such as digital task lists can help employees keep track of what tasks need to be worked on, and when they need to be completed by.

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