• Published : April 21, 2023

Time and Material Templates: Download & Print for Free!

Accurately track hours and expenses. Download, customize, and print our free time and material templates available in Word, PDF, Excel, and Google formats.
Time & Material Template

Create and Customize Free Time and Material Templates

If you work in an industry where time tracking and invoicing are important, you’ve probably heard of a time and material template. These templates are essential for accurately tracking the hours worked on a project and the associated expenses. 

When it comes to creating your own time and material templates, you don’t have to start from scratch. We have several free and customizable time and material templates available for you to download and print, making it easier for you to  track your time and spending in a systematic and efficient way.

Time and Material Template

Time and Material Template

A printable time and material template can help you charge your clients based on the actual time and resources spent on a project, ensuring all expenses are properly accounted for. By downloading, customizing, and printing our free time and material sheet in Excel, PDF, or Doc examples you can quickly start tracking and billing your expenses.

Time and Material Contract Template

Time and Material Contract Template

Use our free sample of a time and materials contract template to outline the terms and conditions of an agreement with your client, including the hourly rates and cost of materials used. You can easily download our free t&m contract template example and customize the fields to specify the scope of work, payment terms, and liability provisions.

Time and Material Invoice Template

Time and Material Invoice Template

This customizable time and materials construction invoice template provided in multiple formats including PDF, Excel, and Doc will help you bill clients for the services provided. The time and material invoice template includes a breakdown of hours worked, the materials used, and any other expenses, increasing transparency and ensuring your billing method is accurate and consistent.

Time and Material Template for Construction

Time and Material Template for Construction

This printable construction time and material template is designed to help contractors who charge their clients based on the actual time and resources spent on a project. This template is available in Word, Excel, and Google Sheet formats. By downloading, customizing, and by printing this time and material construction contract template you can ensure all expenses are tracked, plus account for any unforeseen changes that happen during a construction project.

Tracking Labor & Material Costs Accurately Is So Much Easier With Workyard

Workyard helps you track time and material costs accurately by managing and measuring your crew’s work through one app they can learn to use in minutes.

A GPS Time Tracker That Ensures Accuracy

Eliminate excessive payroll expenses caused by inaccurate time cards. Workyard’s construction time sheet app provides employee arrival times, departure times, and precise addresses using the most accurate GPS technology in construction. To make auditing timesheets even easier, Workyard uses smart alerts to surface potential time card mistakes.

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Built-in Scheduling & Task Management

Schedule the right employee, at the right time, with a simple calendar based organizer. Organize daily and weekly schedules by employee and/or job. Communicate exactly what needs to be done with notes, checklists, and attachments that your employee's can access from our mobile app.

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Track Project Labor Costs 

Workyard’s construction job costing software makes it easy for your crew to tag their hours to projects and tasks, providing you with real-time data you need to increase the accuracy of client invoices and improve profitability on every project.

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How do you write a time and material proposal?

There are several essential steps to writing a time and material proposal. These include:

  1. Introduction: Begin by introducing yourself or the company you represent and giving an outline of the project you want to undertake.
  2. Scope of Work: Describe the work to be done in full, including the tasks required, the materials that must be used, and any specific needs or concerns.
  3. Timeline: Outline the project’s timeline, including start and finish dates, milestones, and any other important dates or deadlines.
  4. Cost Estimate: Provide an accurate assessment of the project’s costs, including the hourly rate for labor, material costs, and any additional charges that may be required.
  5. Terms and Conditions: Outline the agreement’s terms and conditions, including payment terms, warranties, and liability clauses that parties agree upon.

Finally, summarize your proposal and offer your contact information so that your client can reach you if they have any questions or concerns.

It is critical to be clear and detailed when preparing a time and material proposal. Make sure you address any prospective customer issues or inquiries and be prepared to negotiate and make modifications as needed.

What is time and material basis?

Time and material basis is a billing approach used in service-based businesses that charge clients for the actual time and resources used on a project. This implies that the project’s cost is determined by the total number of hours worked and the real cost of the materials used, rather than a flat charge at the completion of the job.

The service provider bills the customer for the time spent on the project, often at an hourly rate, as well as any supplies or expenses incurred during the project on a time and material basis. When the project scope is uncertain or prone to change, or when the project contains unanticipated occurrences or challenges, this billing approach is often used.

What is time and materials billing?

Time and materials billing is a billing system used in service-based businesses in which clients are charged based on the actual time and materials used for a project rather than a predetermined cost at the completion of the project. The service provider bills the customer for the real hours worked by the service provider’s personnel as well as the actual cost of the materials used in the project under a time and materials billing system.

Because customers only pay for the actual time and resources used, and the service provider is compensated for all expenditures spent, the time and materials billing method provides greater flexibility and transparency in invoicing. However, because the ultimate cost of the project may not be known until it is done, this billing approach might be more difficult to manage and budget.

The time and materials billing system is commonly used in service-based industries such as construction, consulting, and maintenance services, where the project scope is subject to change or uncertainty, and the service provider wants to provide a high level of transparency in their billing process.

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