• Published : March 2, 2023

Time Log Templates: Download & Print for Free!

Log time accurately with our free time log templates available in daily and weekly formats. Download, customize, and print pdf, doc, and excel sheet formats.
Time Log Template

Download & Customize Your Employee Time Log

Time log templates are an effective tool for keeping track of project progress and employee hours. 

Here, we’ve provided a variety of time logs that can be easily downloaded, customized, and distributed to employees. We’ve also included additional information about how to get the most out of these time log templates and recommendations for more accurate time logs. 

Time Log Template

Time Log Template

This standard time log template includes fields for employees to fill out their personal information, activity descriptions, and start and finish times. Perfect for tracking project progress and recording employee hours.

Download your preferred version. Available in Word, PDF, Google Docs, Excel, and Google Sheets.

Hourly Time Log Template

Hourly Time Log Template

Hourly time logs are great for recording specific project details. Here, employees can log what time they started working on individual tasks and when they finished. This template can be easily customized to add or remove time log fields.

Choose from Word, PDF, Google Docs, Excel, and Google Sheets templates. 

Daily Time Log Template

Daily Time Log Template

This daily time log template can be used to record daily work activities. Workers can enter a description of the project or task they are working on and record how long they spent on it.

Download and customize your template. Available in Word, PDF, Google Docs, Excel, and Google Sheets.

Weekly Time Log Template

Weekly Time Log Template

Weekly time log templates are commonly used for long-term projects. This template allows employees to fill out time spent on projects and tasks throughout the week. 

Download your preferred template. Available in Word, PDF, Google Docs, Excel, and Google Sheets.

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What is a time log template?

Time log templates are tools that allow employees to record the amount of time spent on certain tasks or projects. Managers often keep these logs to reference when billing clients and to ensure employees are being productive during work hours. 

Depending on what type of work managers want to track, they may choose to use hourly, daily, or weekly time log templates.

What information should a time log template include?

Time log templates are reasonably straightforward. They should include information about the employee, such as their name, ID, and supervisor. Additionally, they should include space for recording when they began working on a specific task and when they stopped. 

Most time log templates also include space for recording totals, allowing managers to quickly record the total hours spent on each task or project.

How can you use a time log template to track employee hours worked?

To track employee hours worked using a time log template, employers must first download and distribute the forms to employees. Employers may prefer to use printed forms or ones that can be filled out electronically, like Google Sheets. Once employees have their time log, they can begin filling out all required fields. After completion, the records can be reviewed and signed by a supervisor. 

Although time log templates are a great way to track small projects, they require a lot of manual work. Additionally, they can quickly become lost if printed forms are misplaced. 

Time-tracking software is highly recommended as a more effective way to track employee hours. No matter how big or small a project is, time-tracking apps like Workyard let employees log hours spent on tasks and allow them to upload descriptions or photos of their progress. This helps managers keep track of various projects simultaneously without any of the hassles that come with manual logs.

What are the benefits of using a time log template?

There are many benefits of using a time log template. For starters, they are easily accessible and can be customized to meet a company’s specific needs. In addition, time log templates are also helpful in improving time management, productivity, and accountability when properly utilized

How can you customize a time log template to meet your specific needs?

Depending on which format you choose, there are several ways time log templates can be customized. For example, if you are using an Excel or Google Sheets template, you can remove rows that you don’t need employees to fill in, such as breaks or overtime, if your company doesn’t track them. If you are using a Word or Google Doc template, you can also delete or add fields depending on your company’s time-tracking policies. 

Although standard time log templates can be customized with extra or fewer fields for employees to fill out, they do have some limitations. Unlike time-tracking apps, templates don’t have GPS tracking or automatic file-sharing options. These features make logging time faster and more accurate.

How can you use a time log template to manage employee time-off requests?

Time logs can help managers decide whether or not to approve time-off requests. For example, if an employee submits a request for one week off but their time log shows that they cannot complete a project or task before its deadline, they may decide not to approve the request. Alternatively, an employee whose time log shows that their projects are near completion is likely to have their request approved.

What are some tips for effectively using a time log template in your business?

Knowing how to properly use a time log template can make all the difference in keeping accurate, organized time records. 

Choose the right template: Depending on the size of your team or a specific project, some templates may be more useful than others. For large teams, spreadsheets like the ones we’ve provided here are more convenient than standard documents. For smaller teams, printed forms are likely to suffice. 

Create a system for logging time: Having a system in place for recording time can lead to more accurate logs. Employers should establish when an employee should log their hours, and how detailed they must be with project/task descriptions.

Offer assistance if needed: It’s common for employees to be unsure of what should and shouldn’t be recorded in their time logs. For example, some contracts don’t require recording a log for tasks that only take a few minutes, while others do. If employees ever require assistance with knowing what to log, it’s important that a manager or supervisor is available to help.

How can you integrate a time log template with other HR systems and tools?

Unfortunately, most time log templates cannot integrate with other HR systems and tools. Standard templates would require a manager or supervisor to manually enter totals into these systems, which can be a time-consuming process. 

That said, there are solutions available that employers can use to integrate time logs with other tools and processes. Solutions like Workyard, for example, allow for seamless accounting and payroll integrations.

What are some alternatives to using a time log template for tracking employee hours?

Depending on the size of a company, the industry it operates in, and where it is located, there may be better solutions than time log templates. Thankfully, there are some great solutions available. These range from time clock systems to biometric systems, automated time tracking systems, and others. 

For companies in the service industry, biometric systems are commonly used to record employee attendance. This is done through facial recognition or fingerprint reading technology. 

In industries like construction, automated time-tracking systems are the most practical option for logging time. Leading systems feature GPS tracking so employers can see which job site an employee clocked in and out at. Additionally, they allow employees to provide detailed descriptions of the project they are working on directly from their smartphones.

How can you ensure the accuracy of the information recorded in a time log template?

It’s essential that all of the information recorded in a time log template is accurate. Inaccurate logs can lead to billing, payroll, and legal issues. To ensure the information you are recording is accurate, here are some steps you can take:

Ensure all fields have been filled out: Review time log templates periodically to ensure no information is missing. Catching missed entries early on can help prevent future billing and payroll errors.

Ensure project descriptions are consistent with hours: Evaluate whether or not the amount of hours match what an employee was working on. Employees sometimes accidentally record project descriptions in the wrong section, so it’s important to catch this error before signing off on a time log.

Provide feedback to employees: Inform employees of any errors in their time logs. Doing so will help prevent future problems and allow for more accurate logs. 

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