• Published : February 1, 2023

Timesheet Templates: Download & Print for Free! 

Boost your productivity with our free employee timesheet templates available in simple, daily, weekly and monthly variations that you can download, customize, and print.
Timesheet Template

Download, Customize & Print A Timesheet Template

Use our downloadable and printable timesheet templates to track when your employees come in, when they leave, and even what they’ve worked on. Once you download the template, it’s yours to customize any way you want!

Basic Timesheet Template

Basic Timesheet Template

This basic free timecard template allows employees to fill in the date and their names. After that, it calculates their start and end time for each day of the week.

It’s free, printable, and available in Word, Excel, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and even PDF. So, which format are you going to use?

Daily Timesheet Template

Daily Timesheet Template

The daily timesheet template is the perfect fit if you're looking to take the tracking up a notch. It's a bit more detailed than the basic one and allows your employees to log all their daily tasks. 

Download in pdf, excel, word format or simply copy our online Google doc or Google Sheet. Then simply customize to suit your business and simply print!

Weekly Timesheet Template

Weekly Timesheet Template

Larger teams require better management, and the weekly timesheet template is perfect for the job. You can use it to track all your employees and contractors including details such as start time, end time, breaks and overtime worked.

Download in pdf, excel, word format or simply copy our online Google doc or Google Sheet. 

Bi-Weekly Timesheet Template

Bi-Weekly Timesheet Template

This template is ideal if you a run a bi-weekly payroll. This timesheet is very similar to the weekly timsheet except it allows you to track 2 weeks at a time. It includes details such as start time, end time, breaks and overtime.

Download in pdf, excel, word format or simply copy our online Google doc or Google Sheet. 

Monthly Timesheet Template

Monthly Timesheet Template

The monthly timesheet template is ideal for managers that want to keep a monthly view of hours worked. You can use it for full-time, part-time, and freelance employees. 

The printable monthly timesheet template is available in both Word and PDF files. There's a Google Sheets version for those who are a bit tech-savvy.

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What Is A Timesheet?

A timesheet is a simple document that allows all employees to log the number of hours spent on office work. Most timesheets generally include filling out the start time, end time, and break taken.


What information should be included in a timesheet template?

The information you include in a timesheet template depends on your specific requirements. However, most timesheets generally include the following:

How do I calculate the total hours worked using a timesheet template?

Timesheets on Google Sheets and Excel automatically calculate working hours. However,  a major downside of using a timesheet template for field workers is that it requires manual calculations. To overcome this hurdle, your employees can use a GPS time clock app. It’ll track their working hours in real-time and even sync with their payroll.


How do I customize a timesheet template to fit my business needs?

All our timesheet templates are highly customizable. You must download or access the Word, Excel, Google Sheets, or Google docs file and then use the built-in edit setting. You can make all the changes you need within seconds.

Can I use a timesheet template for tracking billable hours?

Tracking billable hours using a timesheet template if easy. All you have to do is add an hourly rate and define a function telling the software to multiply the total hours by the hourly rate.

How do I track overtime hours using a timesheet template?

Overtime hours can be tracked using the weekly timesheet. However, calculating overtime hours this way can be complicated and error-prone because of different legal requirements.

How can I ensure accuracy and consistency when using a timesheet template?

Ensuring accuracy and consistency using a timesheet can be overcome using multiple ways. Some include making the timesheet simple and easy to use and providing employee commitment. A time sheet is limited when it comes to syncing payrolls and tracking field employees. However, the GPS time clock app can help cover everything a timesheet lacks.

How do I share or submit a completed timesheet template?

Manually collecting timesheets from all the employees can be a bit time-consuming. Therefore you should use tools like Google Sheets to have your employees fill in their timesheets.

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