How To Fill Out a Time Card

As an employee, accurately completing a time card is a critical responsibility and consists of clocking in, clocking out, tracking hours, ensuring personal details are correct, entering absences, and allotting time to projects if required.

A time card will serve as a record of attendance and ensures that you get paid the exact wages due promptly.

When starting a new position, the first step that should be taken is to check the company’s time card policy with HR or your manager. Every company differs in how they want it completed, but it is essential that you have all the necessary information you need to get going. Read the policy thoroughly and ask questions to avoid confusion or mistakes. Find out where the time card is located, if paper or electronic, how often it needs to be completed, who can handle corrections, and when it needs to be turned in.

Next, record all hours worked. If on a schedule, make sure that you know the rules about starting ahead of schedule, ending late, or accruing overtime. This should be in the policy, but it doesn’t hurt to double-check. If you are on a flexible schedule it is important to take even more care to track the exact time you started working, stopped working, and when breaks occurred. The time card is also where vacation, sick time, or holiday should be entered.

Once hours are logged, you will need to turn in the time card according to the company policy. This will be a record of what the company owes you. It is good practice to review your paycheck each pay period to ensure that the hours you worked are reflected correctly on the time card, paying special attention to overtime. If an error occurs, bring it to HR immediately to get it corrected.


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