How To Ask For Reimbursement

To ask for reimbursement in the workplace, contact your Human Resources (HR) department or reference any corporate policies related to business expenses.

Asking for reimbursement in the workplace can feel like a daunting task but it’s more common than you may think. Most businesses expect to compensate employees for any company expenses. There are typically policies in place for business expense tracking, employee travel, and reimbursement. 

Before asking for compensation, it’s important to make sure you have all necessary receipts and documentation in place.

For instance, if you traveled to a client meeting using your personal vehicle, you’ll want to track that mileage via your odometer and create a mileage log. If you purchased lunch while at the airport on your way to a work conference, you’ll want to save the receipt. 

Alternatively, some workplaces also offer per diem or a daily allowance for business-related travel costs. Per diem helps workers pay for things like food, lodging, cabs, and more while on company-sponsored trips. This can help eliminate the need for employees to track every expense and hold onto every receipt. 

Still, it’s important to check with your manager or the person you report to, before making any assumptions about reimbursement policies. They’ll often send you the appropriate policy documents and forms before your departure, or refer you to the HR department for more information. 

Below is a simple script you can use to reach out to your manager asking for your organization’s reimbursement policy: 

“Hello [Name],

Before leaving for [Event], I wanted to get clarification on [Company Name]’s reimbursement and travel expense policies. Can you please refer me to the correct document or connect me with the appropriate contact who can answer my questions? 

Thank you,

[Your Name]”

Getting clarification on your company’s reimbursement policy before spending your money on business-related expenses is always a good idea.

How to ask for reimbursement


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