10 Best Apps For Electricians In 2023

In this article, we list the 10 best apps for electricians in 2023 and cover how they can help your electrical business thrive.
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Field Service Management
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Being an electrician is a demanding and challenging job full of precise calculations and dangerous tasks. On top of the regular electric work, electricians need to manage business operations, schedule employees, and handle payroll, so there is always a need for improvement.

Fortunately, modern apps for electricians can help you manage your business easily and stay on top of all the demanding estimates, endless calculations, team management, communication, invoices, and more!

So, if you want to impress your clients and run your business more efficiently, here are the best apps for electricians on the market.

Best Apps for Electricians


GPS-enabled timer tracker and scheduling app for electricians

Workyard is an all-in-one system that has everything you need to manage your electrical business and crew with ease. 

It all starts with a calendar-based schedule where you can better manage your jobs and appointments, assign the right tasks to the right people, add notes, photos, and checklists, and constantly track the progress on the same dashboard. All of the employees that are assigned and responsible for the tasks and projects will be automatically notified.

Workyard’s job scheduling app enables seamless communication between the office and the field, making it one of the best apps for electricians. In minutes, you can communicate exactly what needs to be done and track progress in real-time.

Workyard goes beyond scheduling and communication with its built-in GPS  time tracker that identifies the exact and real-time locations of your field workers and accurately tracks their hours. With powerful and precise tracking, you can be sure your employees are on the clock as soon as they reach the site, and that mileage, time, and overtime are all automatically noted and safely stored.

Furthermore, the geofencing that’s powered by the same GPS will remind your employees to clock in and out with just a couple of clicks on their mobile devices to ensure every time card is correct.

If you have a large team in the field, you can use custom labels to organize different categories of tasks or trades to make resource tracking much easier.

Workyard’s time tracking app for electricians is very intuitive, quick to implement, and easy to use on a daily basis. Thanks to Workyard’s ability to integrate with popular accounting systems, all data is easily exported for one-click payroll processing. This way, you can reduce admin burden and improve overall project profitability! 

Let’s dive deeper into Workyard’s key features and how they can benefit you.

Job scheduling and communication

Avoid wasted man hours with our job scheduling app that helps you organize jobs and communicate to your employees exactly what needs to be done. Workyard consolidates all communication about your work – including notes, files, photos, and checklists – into the same app your team uses to track time.

Built-in automatic time tracking

Workyard uses high-accuracy GPS to help you see exactly when each team member arrives and departs every job site and automatically records driving routes, travel time, and mileage. Having more accurate time tracking means you eliminate overreported hours and save thousands on your payroll.

Real-time location tracking

Workyard’s GPS time clock app captures precise GPS location, arrival, and departure information to give you confidence that every time card is accurate. With live crew location tracking, you’ll always know where your workers are and what they’re working on. 

Easily capture job costs from the field

Workyard’s construction job costing software makes it easy for your crew to tag their hours to projects and tasks, providing you with the real-time data you need to increase the accuracy of client invoices and improve profitability on every project.

QuickBooks, Gusto, and ADP integrations

Workyard’s integrations easily sync employees, vendors, projects, cost codes, and time data with popular accounting systems. Leverage our available integrations to execute your payroll in minutes.

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Best photo sharing app for electricians

CompanyCam is a photo sharing app that allows your employees to take real-time photos on the site and automatically store them in the cloud. This way you have every detail you need for any electrical project you and your team need to get done, and with sharing options you can be sure that everyone is on the same page and up to date with information from the field.

CompanyCam will enable easier communication between your field and office teams, improve productivity, and enhance collaboration on your electrical projects. 

Key Features

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Best electrical app with calculator

Electrodoc helps you make calculations on-the-go, making it one of the best apps for electricians. You can use the Electrodoc app on any smart device and easily calculate currents, voltage, and/or resistance, according to Ohm’s law.

The pro and paid versions of this app have added features such as a voltage divider, reactance and resonance calculator, frequency converter, and so much more. With a reliable calculating app, you can be sure every job is safer and done faster.

Key Features

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Electrical calculations

Reliable electrical calculating app

Electrical Calculations is one of the most reliable calculating apps for electricians that offers a variety of formulas, complex calculations, electronic calculations, motor-concerning calculations, conversions, and more. 

You can easily find the wire size, voltage drop, current, resistance, and any other calculation you might need onsite, on your mobile phone! In addition, with specialized electronic calculations and unit conversions on the same app, you can get your jobs done faster and reduce the risks involved.

Key Features

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Scheduling & invoicing app for electrical contractors

FieldPulse is one of the best apps for electricians because of its ability to streamline your operations with simple scheduling, estimates, invoicing, and more. Everything you need is available on the FieldPulse dashboard where you can add new clients, create accurate estimates, assign the right people for a job, and even convert estimates to invoices.

For easy job management, you have a variety of features including notes, service history, custom forms, and payment information. All the data collected creates an in-depth profit analysis you can use to increase the profitability of each project and track expenses with ease.

Key Features

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Electrical business & contractor app

Jobber is an app for electricians that can help you manage and maintain a professional, organized, and profitable electrical business. Electrical engineers have a lot on their plate, but Jobber helps you manage that with easy scheduling and dispatching, custom quotes and estimates, built-in client communication, and more.

With the Jobber app, you have everything you need in one place to schedule your crews, create professional quotes to land more jobs, document and share job updates, and even create invoices. This way, you can impress your clients and employees with one centralized system.

Key Features

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Easy invoicing app for electricians

Invoice2Go is a great and user-friendly app for electrical contractors who want to create simple and professional invoices on their mobile phones and from the job site. The Invoice2Go app allows you to use templates, create estimates, and easily produce invoices that your clients can approve and pay in minutes.

In addition, all invoices are customizable to match your branding. Your clients can choose from one of many payment options to expedite the invoicing process and increase your project profitability.

Key Features

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Ugly’s Electrical References

Best electrical app for code referencing

Ugly’s Electrical References is one of the best electrical apps on the market, with calculation tools to help any electrical business and contractor. The app is a successor of the popular book, UGLY’s, and is available on both Android and iOS.

By downloading this free app on your smart device, you’ll have access to the updated National Electrical Codes on the go.

The app also includes table change information, formulas, wiring configurations, and various interactive features.

Key Features

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Powerful accounting app for electricians

QuickBooks is one of the most popular apps for electricians who want to have their finances organized and centralized. It’s easy to connect the app with your bank, create professional invoices, send estimates, and even track employee time for payroll.

QuickBooks offers handy features and integrations you need to save money and time, enabling you to stay focussed on the task at hand.

Key Features

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Dynamic scheduling app for contractors

The Workiz is one of the most complete electrician apps on the market that offers various features to help electricians with scheduling, estimates, invoices, and payments all in one place.

The simple and effective layout of the Workiz app, and the added integrations with QuickBooks, Google Calendar, Zapier, and Mailchimp, allow contractors to easily manage their operations. In addition to great tools for employee management and dispatching, there is also a way to communicate with your clients and track workers in real time.

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