The 9 Best Receipt Scanner Apps for Quickbooks (Easy Integrations!)

In this guide, we’ll explore 9 of the top receipt scanners for QuickBooks software, with features, pricing, ease of integration, and more.

Do your employees keep their receipts? Do they send paperwork to you for reimbursement? How much time do you devote to tracking, recording, and reconciling?

Receipt scanner apps are software that helps businesses capture images of receipts and expense tracking. 

The app reads and scans images of your receipts using your smartphone and then extracts information on the receipt and caetogorize them accurately using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.

However, with so many receipt scanner apps in the software marketplace, how do you know the best one that easily integrates with Quickbooks?

Here’s a clue:

The best receipt scanner for QuickBooks must be easy to use, have optical character recognition (OCR), cloud storage, and a document management system.

This article will review the 9 best receipt scanning apps that easily integrate with Quickbooks. We have filtered through the best features of each app, considering price and industry to help you find the best one for your specific needs.

Let’s begin!


Best QuickBooks receipt scanner app for small businesses and the construction industry

179.6K reviews

56.7K reviews

QuickBooks Online from Intuit is a cloud-based accounting software perfect for small-scale businesses on the brink of scaling up. QuickBooks offers the opportunity for many businesses to handle their accounting themselves. 

It’s available on Android and iOS and can connect to your bank accounts, credit cards, Stripe, Square, PayPal, and more. It imports as well as categorizes all the transactions on these accounts.

As a receipt scanning software, you can take photos of your receipts and automatically store the digital receipts for later. The scanned receipts are also automatically matched to existing transactions on your account. 

QuickBooks can effectively address nearly every financial management need of a business in several industries, including construction, property management, finance, manufacturing, etc.

The app also seamlessly integrates with a bunch of other helpful apps. One such useful app is Workyard, an industry-leading time-tracking app that accurately monitors employee work time for each job and project.

When Workyard integrates with QuickBooks, the result is better financial management for construction. 

Try Workyard free for 14 days – it integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks!

Key Features:

Best Suited For:


There is a 30-day free trial available for each plan

Try Workyard free for 14 days.
No credit card needed.


Best QuickBooks receipt scanner for freelancers and professional services


1.7K reviews


842 reviews

Veryfi is a cloud-based platform that automates your business expenses, receipt collection, and other accounting tasks no matter your industry.

It uses OCR and machine learning engines to convert unstructured data into structured formats, allowing businesses to manage tax obligations, maximize deductions, and eliminate manual data entry.

The well-organized app has a time-tracking feature and excellent data privacy algorithms that ensure your data is safe and secure. Veryfi is ideal for businesses requiring HIPAA, CCPA, and GDPR compliance and secure document storage.

Key Features:

Best Suited For:




Best QuickBooks receipt scanner for assisted receipt scanning & expense tracking


125 reviews


287 reviews

Shoeboxed is an excellent tool that assists small businesses in scanning and categorizing their expense receipts, thereby maximizing tax deductions and ensuring audit compliance. It integrates easily with QuickBooks and has a user-friendly app and web dashboard to digitize and categorize expenses.

One standout feature of this app is that it allows customers to submit receipts for processing in multiple ways, including via Shoeboxed free mobile apps, Shoeboxed email addresses, or via another process called “Magic Envelope.”

Shoeboxed will then scan the receipts and extract relevant data such as the vendor’s name, total amount, payment method, and date.

The app also classifies the receipts into one of the IRS’s 15 standard spending categories. Shoeboxed is good for entrepreneurs and small business owners who need a simple way to manage their receipts however they want.

Key Features:

Best Suited For:


You can save 20% if you choose annual billing, but the monthly prices are as follows:



Best cloud-based QuickBooks receipt scanner for automatically uploading receipts

WellyBox is another cloud-based expense management software that easily integrates with Quickbooks. The app assists businesses in collecting receipts and generating expense reports.

Users can automatically extract and record expenses in their bookkeeping software, cloud storage account, spreadsheet, or wherever they prefer.

This automatic extraction and recording of expenses ensures data is correct, well-organized, and ready for tax calculations. 

In addition, Wellbox saves managers time on manual data entry as they can easily extract and record expense data from paper receipts using their phone and upload it to their QuickBooks account.

Wellybox is ideal for small businesses and individuals, as well as accountants & bookkeepers.

Key Features:

Best Suited For:




Best easy-to-use QuickBooks receipt scanner for small-scale companies


200 reviews


66 reviews


100 reviews

Neat is a cloud-based solution with receipt scanning capabilities that helps hundreds of thousands of small-scale companies track, manage, and centralize their financial data, to be better prepared for tax audits and stay informed about the health of their business.

Its document management system and file organization are helpful for archiving documents properly. If users might need to pull up receipts from previous years, they can easily find them using Neat’s keyword search feature.

Neat Receipts app is an excellent investment because, like other receipt-scanning apps in this list, Neat seamlessly integrates with Quickbooks. Neat document management and receipt scanning features are ideal for freelancers and self-employed individuals.

Key Features:

Best Suited For:




Best QuickBooks receipt scanner for automated business and employee expenses management


132.7K reviews


25k reviews

This mobile app offers a simple, one-stop solution for receipt scanning. Users snap pictures of their receipts, and the app processes the receipt image to pull out all the essential details, which are stored safely in the cloud when you need them again.

This system makes expense management seamless. Furthermore, since Expensify easily integrates with QuickBooks, businesses can easily upload receipts and expense entries to QuickBooks.

Expensify is ideal for businesses of all sizes looking to simplify their pre-accounting process.

Key Features:

Best Suited For:




Best SMB-based QuickBooks receipt scanner

Receipt-AI integrates SMS functionality into its system so businesses can easily manage transactions on the go, even if they are in the wilderness with no internet connection.

Scanning the receipt is simple. Simply scan and send it via email or SMS, and Receipt-AI will take care of the rest, including extracting and uploading specific information to the preferred accounting software, including  QuickBooks.

Receipt-AI is ideal for businesses, finance teams, and solopreneurs who want to manage, track, and organize receipts efficiently.

Key Features:

Best Suited For:



receipt bot

Best QuickBooks receipt scanner for entrepreneurs on the go


6 reviews

Receipt Bot enables entrepreneurs, accountants, and bookkeepers to save time and the hassle of handling manual paperwork by maintaining digital records of their transactions.

Since it seamlessly connects with Quickbooks, the app can quickly sort paperwork and post expenses, bills, and spend money transactions to your QuickBooks account. 

Receipt Bot is ideal for accountants and bookkeepers who must outsource data entry of bills, receipts, and bank statements. And small business owners who want to record their expenses on the go.

Key Features:

Best Suited For:


Receipt Bot offers a Starter trial with 30 free credits


Best QuickBooks receipt scanner for professional service businesses that want to track time and expenses

11 reviews
79 reviews

Minute7 makes it incredibly easy for professional services firms to track time and expenses against specific customers, jobs, projects, and tasks, and then synchronize that data into QuickBooks for invoice billing, reporting, or payroll purposes. 

Available on iOS & Android applications, teams can enter time & expenses from the office or on the go, and Managers can approve these entries directly in Minute7. 

Minute7 is ideal for businesses of all sizes, including Fortune 500 companies.

Key Features:

Best Suited For:


Minute7 offers a 30-day free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions About Receipt Scanner For Quickbooks

Receipt scanners work by scanning and processing data from your receipt. Users must manually scan receipts using desktop or handheld scanners by feeding them into the scanner. 

Conversely, with scanner apps, you can simply photograph your receipt using the app on your smartphone. 

The app then uses the unique optical character recognition (OCR) technology to scan, read, and extract relevant information on the receipt, bill, or invoice.

The best receipt scanner app will vary from business to business and will also be based on preference. Nevertheless, when it comes to receipt scanning apps, one of the best apps in the marketplace is QuickBooks Online. 

Quickbooks Online is available on Android and iOS devices and services all kinds of businesses regardless of industry. 

With QuickBooks online, you can monitor income and expenses, sales and sales tax, capture and organize receipts, track mileage automatically, run reports, accept payments, and more.

You can also connect it to many other helpful apps, including Workyard.

Veryfi is the best free receipt scanner app. Available both on Android and IOS, this cloud-based platform offers a free plan that lets users process up to 50 receipts and provide email support in case of a challenge.

Like any other scanner app, simply photograph your receipt using your phone. After snapping the receipts, you can upload them to QuickBooks from your computer, mobile device, or email account.

However, ensure that the app is integrated with your QuickBooks account to sync the scanned receipts with your financial records automatically.

To upload your receipt, follow the steps below:

Note: You must have installed the QuickBooks Online app for iOS or Android.

  • Open the QuickBooks Online mobile app.
  • Click the Menu icon.
  • Click “Receipt snap.”
  • Click “Receipt camera” and snap a photo of your receipt or bill.
  • Click “Use this photo, then Done.”

Once the upload is complete, QuickBooks extracts information from the receipts using the OCR technology and creates a transaction for you to review. 

You can edit the receipt, append it to an account, or correspond it to an existing transaction.

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