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Capture time accurately and streamline your payroll processing with our GPS time clock app designed to work seamlessly with Paychex payroll.

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Paychex Time Clock

Accurate Time Tracking That Reduces Your Payroll Bill

Our Paychex-compatible GPS time clock app leverages a precise GPS tracker to verify your employees locations for every second worked – ensuring your payroll is accurate every time. Workyard uses this precise GPS data automatically alert you to anomalies like for example employee's clocking out late while driving home.

Mobile Employee Scheduling

Schedule tasks and projects on an easy to use calendar. Communicate exactly what needs to get done to your employees with notes, locations, checklists, documents and photos. Instantly notify them when new schedules have been created.

Capture Time Spent Per Project & Task

Empower your employees to tag time to projects and cost codes so you can understand the labor costs at a project level. Leverage powerful job cost reporting and accounting integrations to ensure you capture accurate project actuals.

Easily Send Employee Hours To Paychex

Reduce payroll processing time by up to 75% each week. At the click of button, we'll generate a payroll export file you can upload to Paychex in minutes effectively eliminating the need for manual data entry.


A Full-Featured Time Tracking Solution

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