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Change Order Template

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If you work in the construction industry or own a construction business you’ve probably dealt with change orders at some point. Change orders are used to document any changes to the scope, budget, or schedule of a construction project. They are essential for keeping track of project changes and ensuring that everyone involved is on the same page. 

Making a change order from scratch can be time-consuming, which is why we’ve created free change order templates to make the process considerably faster. In this article, we’ll look at a variety of change order templates, available in PDF, Word, Excel, and Google formats.

Change Order Template

Change Order Template

Our sample change order template is a pre-designed form used to document any changes that are made to the scope, budget, or schedule. This construction change order template is free to download and available in a variety of formats, including PDF, Excel, and Word. Using a change order template for construction saves time and ensures accuracy.

Change Order Form

Change Order Form

A change order form is used in construction projects to track any modifications to the original contract. Our construction change order form example is available in a variety of formats, including PDF and Word, and can be downloaded for free. Using a change order request form ensures that all stakeholders engaged in a project understand the changes made.

Construction Change Order Template

Construction Change Order Template

A construction change order template is a pre-designed form used to document any changes to the scope, budget, or timeframe of a construction project. This construction change order form is free to download in PDF format and serves as an example of how to build a consistent template for recording project modifications. Using our construction change order form will help prevent misunderstandings.

Contractor Change Order Template

Contractor Change Order Template

Using our standardized contractor change order template ensures that all changes are documented consistently and precisely, which can help avoid any future conflicts or misunderstandings. This contractor change order form template is available in a variety of formats including Excel, Word, and PDF, and each sample can be downloaded, customized, and printed for free.

AIA Change Order Form

AIA Change Order Form

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) designed the AIA change order form to document modifications made on construction projects. This free example of an AIA contract document can help improve communication between all parties involved in the construction process. Download, customize, and print in Excel, Word, and PDF formats.

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How do you write a change order?

Writing a change order includes several important steps that will ensure everything is documented properly and your change order keeps everyone on the same page. 

The construction change order process includes the following steps:

    1. Review the original contract: Before creating a change order, examine the original contract to understand the project’s scope, budget, and timing.
    2. Identify the changes: Determine the changes that must be made to the original agreement. This could include changes to the project’s scope, payment process, or schedule.
    3. Write the change order: Create a change order document that covers the specifics of the changes to the original agreement. The change order should include a detailed explanation of the changes, their cost and time effect, and the cause of the changes. Using a contract change order template can help you make this process easier and more accurate.
    4. Review and approval: Discuss the change order with all project stakeholders, including the client, contractor, and any additional stakeholders. Before beginning any work, get approval from all parties involved.
    5. Keep a record: Keep a copy of the change order and any supporting documentation for future reference. This will be necessary for project tracking as well as any legal or financial issues.

What is an example of a change order?

Construction projects are unpredictable and clients often have additional requests during the project. This can include additional work, hiring labor, purchasing building materials, and any other modifications that are needed to accommodate the clients. 

Here is an example of a change order:

Original Agreement

  • Scope of work: Construction of a new single-family home, including all finishes, landscaping, and utilities.
  • Budget: $500,000
  • Timeline: 12 months

Proposed Change

  • Scope of work: Addition of a swimming pool and patio to the backyard.
  • Budget: $50,000
  • Timeline: 1 additional month

The client demands that a swimming pool and patio be added to the new home’s backyard. The additional work will need a one-month delay in the project schedule and a $50,000 increase in the project budget. Following approval, the change order will be implemented immediately, and the additional work will be incorporated into the project. The project team and key stakeholders will be informed of the revised timetable and budget.

This is only an example; the specifics of a change order will vary based on the project and the revisions made to the original agreement.

What is included in a change order form?

A change order form typically includes the following elements:

  • Project details: The name of the project, the client, the contractor, and any other relevant information about the project.
  • Description of change: A detailed description of the modifications to the original agreement, such as changes to the project scope, budget, or timeline.
  • Cost summary: A detailed summary of the extra costs related to the changes, such as labor, materials, permits and fees, and any other charges.
  • Timeframe: The project’s revised timeframe, including any extensions or revisions to the initial schedule.
  • Reason for change: A detailed explanation of why the change is required, including any relevant previous information or context.
  • Approval: Signatures from all project participants, including the client, contractor, and any other stakeholders, showing approval of the change order.
  • Implementation: A strategy for carrying out the changes indicated in the change order, such as revisions to project documentation or contact with the project team.

The format and content of a change order form can vary based on the industry and project needs, however, these features are often included in most change order forms.

What are the three types of change orders?

In most construction projects, there are three types of change orders:

  • Change orders initiated by the owner or client: These are changes requested by the owner or client. They can be related to the project scope, budget, or timeline, and may include changes to the original scope of work. Clients often change their minds during a construction project and require additional work, labor, and materials from the contractors.
  • Change orders initiated by the contractor: These are modifications requested by the contractor, frequently as a consequence of unanticipated challenges or events that develop during the course of the project. This can include changes to the project timeline or budget changes in materials or design standards or revisions to construction laws or regulations.
  • Change orders initiated by the architect or designer: These are revisions proposed by the architect or designer as a result of changes to the original design or requirements. They might require approval from both the owner and the contractor and can involve changes to the project scope, budget, or timeline.

Keep in mind that there are different change orders depending on the project, clients, and the scope of work. Some are caused by additional requests, while others might be caused by omissions and errors during the construction project.

Each of these types of change orders requires meticulous documentation and communication among all project participants to ensure that the modifications are correctly implemented and the project is effectively finished.

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