5 Free Time Off Request Form Templates

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Time Off Request Form

Time Off Request Forms For All of Your Employees Needs

There are many reasons why employees may need to take time off from work. Whether it’s vacation time, parental leave, medical leave, or any other reasonable time off request, it’s important that you provide employees with an effective method for submitting their requests.

Here, we’ve provided time off request forms that can be downloaded and printed, or distributed virtually to employees. We’ve also included some information about a more modern approach to receiving and tracking time off requests.

Time Off Request Form

Time Off Request Form

This simple time off request form includes common time off request options. Great for companies with a flexible time-off policy, this template includes an option for choosing days, or hours off. It also includes the reason for request, and a field for employees to leave comments about their request. 

Choose your preferred format, available in Word, Excel, Google Docs, and Google Sheets.

PTO Request Form

PTO Request Form

This easy-to-customize paid time off request form is useful for companies with a set PTO policy. As most PTO requests do not require employees to provide a reason for their request, this template only includes the necessary fields to be filled out.

View, download, and print your PTO request form to begin managing paid time off requests.

Leave Request Form

Leave Request Form

Leave requests forms are a useful tool for collecting time off requests that are specific to short-term or long-term leaves. This can include parental leave, non-public holiday leave, medical leave, and more.

Download your preferred version and provide employees with a comprehensive leave request form.

Vacation Request Form

Vacation Request Form

Vacation request form templates are great for employees who may not be entitled to other leaves. With this form, employees can give their manager a heads up about their vacation plans and receive a decision about whether or not the request was approved.

Depending on your vacation policy, you may want to customize the first portion of this form so employees are aware of how much notice they must give.

Days Off Request Form

Days Off Request Form

This days off request form allows employees to request short-term time off requests. Here, employees can select from regular or paid time off, in addition to the reason for their request.

By downloading this template, you can easily distribute it to staff and inform them of their responsibilities for submitting their requests.

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What is a time off request?

Time off requests are formal requests for days off from work for a specific reason and time period. These requests are commonly submitted to management in the forms of written request forms, emails, and most recently, time tracking apps.

Depending on a company’s time off policy, requests may require more information than others. For instance, a company with a paid time off policy may only require employees to submit the dates of their request, with no additional information. Companies with other time off policies however, may require additional details related to the request including the specific reason for taking time off, and any other information related to the request.

What is PTO?

Paid Time off (PTO), is when an employee is away from work for a period of time while still receiving their regular pay. This can include paid sick days, parental leave, vacation, disability, and more. 

Federally, PTO is not mandatory in the U.S. However, there are certain states that require paid days off. States like California, Arizona, Colorado, Massachusetts, and others require employers to pay for a certain number of sick days.

Whether or not paid time off is required, many companies still choose to utilize a PTO policy. A good PTO policy can help attract new hires, and allows employees to take much needed time off without worrying about lost income.

What should be included in a time off request?

Depending on which state a company is located in and their time off policy, information that should be included in a time off request will be different. However, there are some common fields that time off request forms often include.

These Include:

Type of Request: Types of requests can be days off, half-days off, or hours off.

Reason for Request: Reasons for time off may include medical appointments, parental leave, religious holidays, personal days, and more. 

Employee Comments: Employees may wish to add additional information to their request. If there is a very important reason for their request, this can help them communicate it to their manager.

Start Date: The start date is the first regular work day that an employee is requesting to take off.

Return Date: The return date is the day an employee wishes to return to work after their requested time off.

Managers Decision: Managers can either accept or reject an employee’s time off request. If a request is rejected, it’s important that managers communicate why they came to that decision. This can be done by leaving additional comments on the time off request form.

What is the best way to track time off requests?

Effectively managing time off requests is a big responsibility for managers. Ineffective tracking of time off requests can lead to staffing shortages, employee conflict, and lost trust. Even with the most meticulous organizational skills, it’s not uncommon for things to go wrong with manual time off request forms.

If employees are handing in printed time off request forms, it’s nearly impossible to prove their request was submitted if it somehow goes missing. Furthermore, printed forms require manual filing, which is an inefficient process for many workplaces.

To overcome these challenges, apps like Workyard provide time tracking software to help employers better manage time off requests. Unlike manual time off request forms, Workyard makes submitting and receiving time off requests simple. 

Through the app, employees can fill out their request and immediately share it with their manager or supervisor. Once a request has been received, employers can quickly access an overview of all time off requests to help them make their decision.

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